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What is a battery monitor for the vehicle?

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Car wash cleaning tips winter battery e1598676586723 What actually is a battery monitor for the vehicle?

It's sure to have happened to you: you want to start your car in the morning, but it won't start - The battery is empty. That can cause a lot of stress - especially if you are in a hurry, for example because of an important appointment, and there is actually no time for such things. Sometimes there doesn't seem to be a specific reason why the battery discharged so suddenly. Pretty much everyone should know that the battery drains very quickly if you unintentionally leave the lights on or switch off the radio. Long standing in the cold is also a well-known cause. What many do not know, however, is that the car battery can drain quickly even if the vehicle is not parked for a short time, as vehicle electronics, alarm systems and sometimes even the radio require electricity even when the vehicle is idle. Here comes the so-called battery monitor in the game. You can find out what it is and how it works in this article.

What is a battery monitor, how does it work?

Battery monitor battery monitoring tuning retrofitting What actually is a battery monitor for the vehicle?

A battery monitor is a relatively small component that pretty much any vehicle can be retrofitted with. How a battery monitor works is relatively easy to explain: The battery monitor is connected to the vehicle battery and keeps an eye on its charge. If the vehicle stands for a while and too much power is being drawn from the battery, for example by the radio or other components, and the charge level therefore reaches a critical range, the battery monitor ensures that the connection to these components is disconnected. In this way, the battery monitor ensures that the car battery does not run out completely and that your car starts properly. When you finally start your car again, the battery monitor re-establishes the previously cut connection and supplies the affected components with energy again so that they work again. As you can see, the principle of the battery monitor is as simple as it is helpful.

Conclusion on using the battery monitor!

Battery monitor battery monitoring tuning retrofitting 2 What actually is a battery monitor for the vehicle?

A battery monitor is a comparatively small component, but the effect can be even greater. Especially if it has happened to you that your car would not start in the morning due to a completely flat battery, we recommend installing such a battery monitor. On the one hand, you are doing something good for your battery and on the other hand, you reduce the annoyance and stress that a vehicle can not start. Incidentally, the devices are available in countless variants and even with a smartphone app. With a battery monitor, your car will always start if there is no other defect or the battery is not completely dead and you no longer have to worry. By the way, there are also devices with what is known as a battery pulse function. All information is available here.

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