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Big-Wheel enthusiasts! On 30 + Zöllern = Typically America!

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Big Wheel Enthusiast Tuning Big Wheel Enthusiasts! On 30 + Zöllern = Typically America!

The US is currently seeing a trend towards oversized alloy wheels that have 30 inches and even more diameters. This has mainly optical reasons. Connoisseurs know: A perfect look, the car only with the right rims. Would that work in Germany?

Big Wheel Enthusiast Tuning 2 Big Wheel Enthusiast! On 30 + Zöllern = Typically America!

Attract attention with 30 + inch rims

The US tuning scene is known for its exaggerations, which also has legal reasons: Much is allowed in the States - as with the optical tuning with light - what the German legislature prohibits. Therefore, one sees in the US again and again cars with wheels in the size 30-inch-plus. This is a new trend, even for American standards, because only a few years ago, wheels on 26 Zoll were also seen there at showcars ​​at the auto shows. In the meantime, they can be discovered in normal traffic. There is a lively scene in Florida where Big Wheel enthusiasts meet (also Donk Look Style, Donk, High-Riser, Hi-Riser, Highriser called) at gas stations and in parking lots where they compare their rims. Photographers document such meetings and put the pictures on the net. Among the vehicles are German premium brands. Popular, as seemingly well suited for Big Wheels, are for example the Audi A8, the BMW X3 or the Mercedes GLE.

Big Wheel Enthusiast Audi Tuning Big Wheel Enthusiasts! On 30 + Zöllern = Typically America!
Audi A8 on 28 inch Asanti WTW rims

But even smaller cars like the Honda Civic sometimes drive in the US with 30-inch rims. That would fail in the German main investigation, probably even with some justification: The big rims carry an ultra-thin rubber coating, with which such a small car is simply no longer sufficiently stable on the road. If you want to change your wheels by tuning, you have to Adjust the speedo because the outer circumference of the tire affects the reading. In addition, the rim size affects the ground clearance (naturally positive for larger rims). Excessive changes are subject to acceptance. If the big tires to a small car from the perspective of a German expert no longer fit, the approval is not granted.

How does a big wheel enthusiast know what rim size is possible?

Tuning workshops are familiar with the need for modifications after changing the rim size. The car then has to be raised, but the suspension travel must not increase too much. As a rule, comfort decreases and the driving experience can be as hard as a board. Safety aspects at high speeds must be observed. But the tuners know what German experts from TÜV & Co. approve and what not, and they also have the appropriate expertise and special computers. So if you want to be out and about on a big bike, you have to go to a tuning workshop and get advice there. We HOPE at this point that this trend will not continue in Germany.

Big Wheel Enthusiast Tuning 3 Big Wheel Enthusiast! On 30 + Zöllern = Typically America!

Of course that had not happened yet! has countless other articles on the subject of auto & tuning in stock. Do you want to see them all? Just click HERE and look around. But also off the tuning we want to provide you with news. Themes that go beyond the box you will find in our category Tips, products, information & CoFollowing an excerpt from the last reports:

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