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Sporty handling without lowering - Bilstein B6!

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BILSTEIN Peugeot 205 Sporty handling without lowering the Bilstein B6!

Many drivers want a more sporty driving style. However, only a small proportion asks the workshop for appropriate options. Because many still automatically associate it with a lowering. And this is not always desired - be it because of the tuning optics, which are subjectively perceived as negative, the insufficient ground clearance, feared loss of comfort or the supposedly high costs. Car dealers can, however, offer an interesting alternative to lowering with high-performance shock absorbers. Here, however, it is important to actively approach customers. If the shock absorber needs to be replaced anyway, the hurdles are low, as there are hardly any additional costs. An interesting example of a high-performance shock absorber with the same functional dimensions as the original part is the BILSTEIN B6.

Drive sporty & suitable for everyday use

Mustafa Yavuz looks after the company's technical support. He often makes the experience that hotline callers initially only inquire about a simple series spare part - but actually want an improvement in driving behavior: “I listen carefully and research specific needs, then I often recommend our BILSTEIN B6. Among other things, it reduces swaying and ensures more stability and safety. ”A big advantage in the competitive environment is that the shock absorber is not only adapted for different car models on the basis of data sheets: there is always an individual adjustment in complex driving tests.

BILSTEIN B6 - significantly more damping force

The BILSTEIN B6 brings significantly more damping force into play with a high level of comfort and is completely registration-free. It therefore offers higher power reserves, which have a positive effect on rapid load changes. This is especially true for heavily loaded vehicles, cars with an additional gas tank or when they are towing a trailer or caravan. At the same time, the B6 offers a comfortable response when the vehicle is unladen. Active shock absorber control ex works is also no problem for him. While competitors often use a decommissioning kit in this case, all standard chassis functions are retained with the BILSTEIN product. This is ensured - whenever necessary - by the DampTronic® technology. The gas pressure shock absorber also harmonizes with young and old-timers: whether it's a Porsche G-model or a BMW E9. Important to know: The H-license plate is not endangered by a corresponding conversion and the B6 is also available in numerous variants as a damper cartridge.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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