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Vehicle mobility with biogas - this must be taken into account!

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Biomethane conversion Auto tuning Natural gas conversion Vehicle mobility with biogas that must be taken into account!

The world is changing and does not stop at driving a car. Fossil fuels cannot be used forever. Alternatives are needed in order not to endanger mobility. In addition to the well-known fuels, one stands out in particular. We're talking about biogas also known as biomethane. The biogas is off Manure and food wastethat belong on the compost are won. In addition to these components, rye or maize are also suitable for producing biomethane. The advantage is that the two plants as renewable energy supplier be valid. In terms of its chemical composition, biomethane is similar to the classic one Natural gas. This, in turn, has the positive side effect that every engine that can be operated with natural gas works at the same time is also suitable for biogas. The biomethane only has to be subjected to a cleaning process beforehand. biomethane is also treated like natural gas in the EnergieStG and must therefore be reported for tax with the tax rate for natural gas (€ 13,90 / MWh & € 5,50 / MWh)

very flexible: biomethane as a fuel

Biomethane as a fuel is convincing due to the Flexibility. After cleaning, it can not only be used as fuel for cars, but also fed into the natural gas network or even used in combined heat and power plants. The advantage is that Reduzierung CO2 emissions while driving, heating or generating electricity.

E Fuel Synthetic fuel 2 Vehicle mobility with biogas that must be taken into account!

The costs at a glance!

Every third filling station that uses natural gas uses biomethane. Biomethane can be obtained in its pure form at many taps in Germany. Switzerland is considered a pioneer of refueling with biogas, which is the term for fuel Kompogas marketed. The cost advantages are convincing, because the price of biomethane is almost the same as that of normal natural gas. Biogas was exempted from mineral oil tax until 2015 and received a tax until 2018 Tax reduction.

The environmental balance!

The main raw material from which biomethane is obtained in Germany is more. The problem with cultivation and import of the raw material is the same as it occurs with other fuels in the biological area. The advantage over bioethanol and biodiesel is that the entire energy plant is used in the production of the biomethane. Seen on the hectare is the energy yield four times higher and residual waste generated during the fermentation process is considered Fertilizer usable. When the biogas is obtained from compost or liquid manure, as good as no harmful environmental substances and so it can be as carbon neutral be designated.

CO2 target 2030 Decision on exhaust gas vehicle mobility with biogas that must be taken into account!

This process does not create any competitive pressure in food production, as it is only Residues from agriculture for the production of biomethane are used. VERBIO has specialized in this type of production and is considered a leading company in the fuel market. VERBIO uses the raw material for its process Straw, from which biomethane is then obtained. Following this, the biogas obtained is cleaned so that it the quality of natural gas owns. If a natural gas car drives with a share of 20 percent of the biomethane contained in the fuel, this is compared to a gasoline vehicle Up to 40 percent CO2 saved.

Biomethane conversion and further summary information:

  • Retrofitting protects the climate and saves money
  • Can also be used in high-performance cars
  • Considered over the entire chain of use, the emission of greenhouse gas No. 1 with the use of biofuels is around 30 - 50% lower
  • Conversion to bio-pure fuel E85 pays for itself after 1,5 to 2 years
    - especially for vehicle fleets of companies and haulage companies
    - this amortization calculator provides information about the cost / benefit factor (LPG, ethanol, natural gas, vegetable oil)
  • Retrofitting in a workshop costs around 600 to 1.000 euros
  • Unfortunately, there is still only a very low density of petrol stations that offer bio-pure fuels (B100, E85)
  • Petrol is still required to flush the lines

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