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Crazy-car racing: fun with the conversion to a double-decker!

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Autorodeo double car double decker car racing crazy car race: fun with the conversion to double decker!

A double-decker conversion for the vehicle does not necessarily mean to convert a bus into a double-decker. If the term double-decker conversion is entered in a search engine, double-decker buses are almost exclusively found in the search results. But the term double-decker conversion for cars is more about a popular racing series that is held in the Netherlands, for example. There it is called the autorodeo. It's a race where double-decker cars drive. Below is a closer look at what double-decker cars are.

Double-decker conversion - what is meant?

Autorodeo double car double decker car racing 2 crazy car races: fun converting to a double decker!

The so-called autorodeo took place for the 40th time in Denenkamp in the Netherlands. The autorodeo is one of the oldest rodeos in the Twente urban area. At least 450 drivers compete against each other in the race. The rodeo is described as a crazy car race and an autocross race and is a mixture of both race variants. While the event itself is already a tradition and the goal in the races is to achieve fast lap times, the fun should not be neglected. Therefore, it is also part of pushing the opposing driver or his vehicle out of the lane, as is the case with the well-known stock car races. And, more recently, a double-decker race has taken place at the event. The double-decker race is driven with special cars. The participating biplanes are two stacked cars that drive as one car.

How do two stacked cars drive?

Autorodeo double car double decker car racing 4 crazy car races: fun converting to a double decker!

The cars are specially modified to be able to drive like a normal car. Both cars have functional elements. The double-decker conversions and the crazy car racing elements provide fun and astonishment. The astonishment is ultimately due to the way it works. The two cars are stacked on top of each other and allow the upper car to take over the steering and the lower car, of course, to accelerate or brake. The vehicle fixed above offers the best view, which is why it is only the logical consequence that the steering is done by a driver at the top. It also makes sense to the extent that it can be said of a crazy car, such as the double-decker, that braking and acceleration are carried out by the lower vehicle. So the perfect chaos is inevitable. The driver of the vehicle at the top recognizes at any time when it is necessary to steer, in contrast to this, the driver at the bottom, however, can estimate much more precisely when the accelerator or brake has to be actuated. This often creates confusion and chaos, which of course is what is wanted in this type of race.

Double-decker conversion - crazy cars with style

The biplanes are designed so that the vehicle is larger at the bottom than the stacked or fixed car. Such a conversion is interesting for the race in the Netherlands. Tuning workshops can ask about the feasibility of such a crazy car, for example to take part in an autorodeo in the Netherlands or in Germany. In Germany, however, it is questionable whether there will be a separate division for the double cars at the autorodeo. We are not aware of any official race in this country, at least at the moment.

Double-decker conversion - conclusion

If you want to convert two cars into double-decker vehicles, you should ask about the benefits. Such cars may only be driven in designated races or on private property and must be specially designed. In particular, the conversion for the vehicle above is quite complex. On the one hand, all unnecessary components must be removed to save weight, on the other hand, the steering must be extended accordingly so that the vehicle above can control the wheels of the car below. And that does involve a certain amount of effort. At the same time, it is also necessary to modify the vehicle below. After all, the roof load is extremely high, which a normal car roof could never carry without struts. Of course, other changes to enable a safe race are also included. This affects, for example, the driver's seat, the driver's equipment but also changes such as removing the windows are necessary for these conversions. And the race isn't really serious either. First and foremost, the cars should be fun and delight the audience. The double-decker is therefore interesting for crazy car races.

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Autorodeo double car double decker car racing crazy car race: fun with the conversion to double decker!

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