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Black Box Chiptuning The black box to increase performance all information

The black box or the retrofitting of a so-called power box (or as the small plastic boxes are otherwise called) has already proven itself in the tuning scene and is gladly implemented. Many tuners and environmentally aware drivers wonder if retrofitting a black box is allowed. Allowed or forbidden, advantage or disadvantage? This article deals with the tuning variants, the black box for the car.

Black Box and its properties

RaceChip GTS VW Phaeton V6 239 PS Chiptuning 11 The black box to increase performance all information

When talking about retrofitting the black box, one understands (in addition to the GPS tracking boxes) in the tuning jargon chip tuning. The term “power box” or “black box” is also used as a synonym. Car enthusiasts want to use chip tuning, as it can bring about significant increases in performance and fuel-saving properties. Nowadays, when the focus is on emission values ​​and the fuel consumption of vehicles, the so-called is also very popular Eco-Tuning, The engine performance can be increased by up to 35% (depending on the vehicle) by retrofitting the black box. One of the most important requirements is that your vehicle has a newer supercharged engine (turbocharger, supercharger). Some dubious manufacturers lure with cheap offers and a partly enormous increase in performance for naturally aspirated engines, but that is nonsense. The PS number is indeed increased by the chip tuning, but you should critically eye the products and take exaggerated performance data at face value.

Advantages and disadvantages of retrofitting

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A major disadvantage is that the vehicle warranty almost always expires prematurely, if you install the black box later. Especially if it is not from the manufacturer but from a third party. It is also possible that the vehicle will receive a higher insurance premium due to the black box. There are even companies that exclude retrofitted chip tuning vehicles from the outset from the insurance benefits. Rarely - but it does happen. A good black box can offer more driving pleasure and you can benefit from targeted fuel consumption. But you should think carefully beforehand about the pros and cons and the calculation of the total cost. The installation can almost always be done by yourself using the plug & play method or it is carried out by a professional. Anyone who does the installation in an amateur way cannot rule out engine damage in the worst case, because after all, work is being carried out specifically on the engine and its electronics. The engine electronics are completely re-regulated by the box.

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Allowed or against the traffic regulations? - The black box and the legal regulation: If an increase in performance of the engine is achieved and this is not registered then one speaks of a violation of the Highway Code and a threat to other road users. Sometimes the operating license expires immediately. It is also not allowed to degrade exhaust emissions by chiptuning. Occasionally, the operating permit for the vehicle will be extinguished on the spot. The same applies to the noise behavior. A partial report is advisable in any case and also the agreement with the insurance.

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At the end... The installation of a "good" black box certainly brings more power and more driving pleasure, reduced consumption and other advantages. If you adhere to the legal requirements, you can enjoy real added value through retrofitting and subsequently protect your wallet and the environment.

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