Black smoke from the exhaust - these are the reasons!

When black smoke Coming from the exhaust of your vehicle can several causes to have. We will describe the most common and well-known causes. However, there is no guarantee that one of the following problems will also cause black smoke from the exhaust in your vehicle.

Defective air mass meter

With the help of Air mass meter (LMM for short) is the amount of air sucked in by the engine measured. Based on this measurement, the needed Amount of fuel from the Engine control determined. If the sensor is broken it can happen that too much fuel is injected and a “too rich mixture” is created. The excess fuel cannot be burned properly and causes black smoke. A renovation of the air mass meter compellingly necessary. The removal of the old and installation of the new air mass meter is roughly estimated 100 up to 500 Euros costs. The material costs are estimated to be between 50 and 300 Euros. Labor costs will focus on approximately 30 up to 150 Euros amount. However, these are only Guide values which are based on a rough estimate. Actual prices may vary. Especially if maybe even two LLM are installed and various for the change other components must be removed.

Defective coolant temperature sensor

The Coolant temperature sensor records the temperature of the Cooling water permanently on. It can also be used as a Coolant sensor or Coolant temperature sender are designated. A defect can lead to the engine control unit zu viel Injecting fuel. The excess fuel can subsequently not be burned and cause the dark smoke. Such a defect can be fixed quickly. A new coolant temperature sensor will roughly cost you between 20 and 70 Euros. Additionally, you have to deal with a cost of around 40 up to 100 Euros calculate for the mechanic's working hours.

What consequences are to be feared from the black smoke during the main inspection?

If black smoke comes out of the exhaust of your vehicle, the probability is high that the permissible exhaust gas values ​​are exceeded exceeded will and your vehicle the general inspection does not exist. Make sure to fix the defect before an upcoming one Main inspection.

Other causes that can lead to black smoke from the exhaust:

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