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Engine block filler - for the more powerful engine!

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Engine block filler Engine block reinforcement e1584364556420 Engine block filler for the more powerful engine!

Engine tuning often goes hand in hand with the increase in horsepower and the increase in horsepower tests the components of the engine enormously. The engine block in particular is subjected to extreme loads during tuning. But if you want high-performance tuning, and with Block stiffening plates and Co. works, can use a well-known trick to give the engine block even more strength. Because additional engine block reinforcement is also possible with a so-called block filler. The method is explained in more detail below.

Block filler - what is it?

A block filler is also known as an engine block filler and increases the durability of the engine block. This is interesting for tuners who push engines to high horsepower and also want to use the full engine power regularly. The engine block is put to the test with a lot of horsepower and is exposed to enormous loads. This is shown, for example, by the clear vibrations that occur in the engine. At the same time, enormous heat and great pressure is generated in the engine (in the cylinders) produced. To strengthen the engine block and reduce vibrations in high-horsepower engines, the engine block can be filled with engine block fillers. The block fillers are usually composed of different mixtures and ensure that the tuner can better exploit the potential of his vehicle with a quiet engine block.

Engine Block Filler - interesting for tuned cars

If the engine block is not a single solid block, it has various holes and passages that represent weak points where vibrations and pressure can grip. An engine block filler is exactly suitable for these engine blocks and is available in well-stocked specialist shops. The manufacturers and distributors state in the product descriptions how the block fillers can be mixed and used and what you should pay attention to.

Block filler - available for mixing with water

Engine block fillers are available, for example, in approximately 4-liter containers (approximately 1 gallon). Depending on the product and description, the containers can be filled with water and mixed. Exactly how the block fillers have to be handled and whether a certain mixture or a certain volume of water has to be filled in should be taken from the respective product descriptions. The mixtures are simply filled into the engine blocks before processing. Block fillers, for example, prevent thin cylinder walls from tearing and reduce unwanted vibrations. Basically it is hardly anything other than closing a hole in a wall with cement. The principle of block fillers is very similar.

Engine Block Filler - What To Look For When Buying?

The block filler should be easy to use and not require a complex mixture from the user. Two components should be enough and the mixing ratio should be easy to understand. It is important that the engine block filler is only obtained from specialist shops. It is essential to pay attention to the instructions for use. The safety and usage instructions must be followed. After all, the engine should stop and not fly in the air due to the block filler! The block fillers are designed for tuned engines that are exposed to extreme loads due to high horsepower. There is no need for a production engine. On the contrary, use here can even have a negative impact. Before buying a block filler, customer reviews should be read. The interested tuner can also get advice on engine block fillers in tuning forums. Videos on the subject can also be found on the Internet.

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Engine block filler Engine block reinforcement2 e1584364631933 Engine block filler for the more powerful engine!

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