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Not quite full power: Tuning Boost-by-Gear function

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Tuning Boost by Gear Function Not all the power: Tuning Boost by Gear function

Anyone who has ever tuned an engine beyond the chip tuning, that is, a power output higher than 10-25% of the standard performance has achieved, knows the problem that other series parts the increased performance in the long term not participate. One of these components is the transmission, which often can not transmit the high torque in low gears without dissolving into its components. For this, the offers Boost By Gear function With the help of which you can set the torque to be released in each gear exactly and thus protects the gear from overloading. It may be very advantageous for particularly powerful vehicles to set the output power depending on the gearbox in order to limit the torque in the lower gears. There are some possibilities and devices for the implementation. You can do it yourself or leave it to a specialist. Anyone who is familiar with chiptuning and perhaps even writes his own files should also be able to limit the transmission and the torque to be released.

Transmission control unit Transmission cooler Tuning Software 2 Not full power: Tuning Boost by Gear function

If you are unfamiliar with this topic, you should visit an appropriate tuning workshop. The transmission clinic in Hattorf am Harz offers chip tuning including boost-by-gear optimizations, but other tuners such as GTK Motorsport and of course the big ones from Brabus, Hamann & Co. can individually adjust the torque to be released for each gear. For experienced tuners, interfaces such as KTunerFlash V2 Touch, KTunerFlash V1.2 OBD2, KTunerFlash V1 OBD2 or the KTuner In-ECU Interface offer the possibility of limiting the torque and enabling the Boost-By-Gear function. The feature is available in all editable end-user tuning maps. We looked at one of the interfaces and were enthusiastic about the ease of implementation.

Tuning Boost by Gear Function 3 Not quite full power: Tuning Boost by Gear function

The sequence:

  1. Boost By Gear Limits must be selected in the Tuning Map list to begin editing this feature.
  2. Select the gear. The Gear pop-up menu shows the currently selected gear that you are editing.
  3. Choose the Boost By Gear limit.
  4. Save and done.

best to go to the specialist

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go Full power: Tuning Boost by Gear function

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