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For more brake pressure - tuning on the brake booster!

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Brake booster tuning BKV tandem e1576845673784 For more brake pressure tuning on the brake booster!

If you want to have your car tuned, you have to consider the brake booster when increasing the horsepower and other technology tuning. A brake booster conversion may be necessary for the vehicle. The brake booster, or BKV for short, is important in order to achieve an optimal braking effect with little effort. The brake booster achieves an effective braking effect, even when the brake pedal is pressed lightly. Vacuum brake boosters are usually installed in cars. The auxiliary force required for brake boosting is achieved by means of a pressure difference (negative pressure). In addition to vacuum variants, pneumatic (compressed air), electrical and hydraulic brake boosters are also known.

Master cylinder change

Brake booster tuning BKV Tandem 2 e1576845729517 For more brake pressure tuning on the brake booster!

The brake booster conversion in a car may be necessary if the main brake cylinder is also changed during tuning. Both with and without a brake booster, the brake pedal exerts force directly on the brake master cylinder. The master cylinder, in turn, pushes brake fluid to the brakes. A brake booster provides support and, in the case of the vacuum brake booster, it generates a pressure difference. The pressure difference creates a force that supports the force of the pedal. The pressure difference is small and, in order to generate the optimal braking force, the membrane contained in the brake booster is relatively large. A brake booster therefore requires a large housing (up to 28 cm). If there is not enough space available, which can be the case with smaller cars, then tandem BRPs are also used. The variants are "connected in series" and thus enable a large membrane area.

Generation of negative pressure in cars is necessary

Cars that have a standard gasoline engine regulate the pressure differential using a throttle valve. The pressure is reduced in the so-called intake manifold as soon as a partial load is created. As a result, less of the fuel / air mixture enters the cylinder. The vacuum is again important for the brake booster. The brake booster does not necessarily get the necessary negative pressure in modern vehicles from the throttle valve. In certain gasoline engine systems and modern diesel engines, the throttle valve is not required. In order to obtain a vacuum, a suction pump, also known as a vacuum pump or vacuum pump, is therefore necessary.

Tuning can make conversion necessary

If changes are made to the master brake cylinder or if a larger master brake cylinder is installed during tuning, the brake booster should be adapted if necessary and also converted for the vehicle. Often there is the possibility of simply installing a larger brake booster in order to sports brake system to put the finishing touches on. If you want to modernize your vehicle, you may be able to use a vacuum pump. These pumps are already used as standard in certain vehicles. At the latest when the tuning leads to the elimination of the throttle valve, then a vacuum pump should be considered. It is advisable to ask a specialist workshop for advice before extensive tuning. When working on the master brake cylinder, the vehicle owner should ask about adjusting the brake booster. It is also important to carry out a functional test. The driver should not have to depress the brake pedals first to achieve a minimal braking effect. Tuning workshops help specifically.

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