Brake caliper / caliper stuck? It is important to note that!

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Brake Caliper Fixed Cost Repair Sign Brake Disc Blue

Is a brake caliper / caliper stuck on the car? Then there are a few things to consider! The most important thing in the following article. Yes, first some general information about the brake caliper / caliper. A brake caliper is located on each wheel of a car that has a disc brake installed. The brake pads are located inside the brake caliper and are pressed onto the brake disc by the brake pistons when the brake is actuated. Corrosion or dirt that has entered the caliper from the outside is often the cause of a defective or stuck/hanging caliper. The fault may also be due to an assembly error during the last brake maintenance.

Symptoms and signs of a defect

With disc brakes, as already mentioned at the beginning, one caliper per wheel assembled. Therefore, the following symptoms usually only appear on one wheel. But in some cases you can multiple calipers have a problem like this at the same time:

  • Squeaking while driving.
  • The damaged wheel emits smoke that smells burnt.
  • The wheel in question becomes warm or even hot.
  • It is impossible to push the vehicle on a flat surface.
  • The acceleration of the vehicle is worse.
  • A significant amount of brake dust settles on the affected wheel.
  • The brake disc of the affected wheel has a bluish color or is already showing cracks.
  • The brake pads on an axle are worn to varying degrees (left much more pronounced than right or vice versa).

Brake Caliper Fixed Cost Repair Signs

You can check the condition of the caliper yourself in this way: If you want to check if one of the calipers is faulty, follow these steps. Using a jack, raise the wheels one by one, spin them and measure their resistance. If the resistance on one wheel on the same axle is greater than the resistance on the opposite wheel, the associated brake caliper is usually defective.

Continue driving with a defective brake caliper?

If you feel that one of the calipers is no longer working properly, you should have it checked out by a mechanic as soon as possible check leave. The longer you drive with a faulty caliper, the more likely it is that not only will the caliper itself need to be repaired or replaced, but the entire axle's brake discs and pads will need to be replaced as well. Also can the heat development lead to completely different problems and push the costs further up. even one vehicle fire or the Loss of all braking power are possible. A defective brake caliper can also endanger other drivers on the road. In the following sections you will learn more about the resulting Costs in the human body and facts about the expiration from changing the brake caliper.

Repair or replacement of the brake caliper!

For safety reasons, work on the brakes should only be carried out in a specialist workshop. The current condition of the brake caliper determines whether it repaired can be or exchanged must become. A repair or overhaul of a stiff brake caliper is often possible with the help of a special Brake caliper repair kit possible. Dirty or rusty guide pins are often the cause of the problem. These can be taken apart, cleaned and reassembled. If this is not possible, however, the caliper must be completely replaced exchanged will. Possible replacements are a used saddle or a new part. The corresponding wheel is first dismantled on the lifting platform. The defective caliper can then be removed. First, the hydraulic (brake hose) and, if necessary, the mechanical (handbrake cable) connections are released. If the problem is only discovered when it is too late, the brake discs and pads are usually already worn and need to be replaced be replaced. This can be seen from the fact that the corresponding brake disc blue has become and/or the brake pads glazed are. The brake discs and pads are always replaced axle by axle. Then it will braking system If necessary, top up with some brake fluid and vented. To do this, the workshop uses special venting and filling devices. A test drive finally confirms that the brake system is working properly again.

Cost of replacing or repairing a brake caliper!

The repair should take around 30 to 60 minutes if the faulty caliper can be restored to working order or repaired. The total cost, including any additional components required (e.g. B. guides / sheets etc.), are usually between 80 and 300 euros. If, on the other hand, an exchange is necessary, the total expenditure is significantly higher. A new brake caliper can cost between 100 and 800 euros. If a servomotor for the electric handbrake is integrated into the brake caliper, the upper end of this price range is quickly reached. ATE, Bosch, Brembo and TRW are well-known manufacturers of spare parts. In some cases you can too used spare parts be an option.

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These are usually refurbished used parts that are cheaper than new parts, but are still fully functional. They can be an inexpensive option, mainly for older and older vehicles. It takes about an hour to replace the brake caliper and then bleed the brake system. At an hourly rate of 100 euros, this corresponds to a workload of around 100 euros. According to this calculation, the total costs per wheel are between 200 and 900 euros per wheel. As mentioned above, it is not uncommon for the defective brake caliper to also damage the brake pads and the brake disc of the wheel in question. Since these always have to be replaced by axis, this often leads to considerable additional costs. Depending on the vehicle, you should face additional costs of around 200 to 1.000 euros per axis estimate. The smaller the price range, the weaker the vehicle's engine is, as a rule.

What is the function of the brake caliper?

Each wheel with a disc brake on a passenger car has a caliper. The brake pads are located inside the brake caliper and are pressed onto the brake disc by the brake pistons when the brake is actuated. The vehicle slows down due to the friction (brake). When the brake is released, the brake pistons return to their normal position, allowing the wheels to turn freely again. The power transmission from the brake pedal to the brake caliper takes place via a hydraulic fluid, the so-called brake fluidthat needs to be replaced regularly.

Defective brake caliper and the main inspection!

If the brake is locked, then this counts as "considerable lack". In this case, a new HU sticker will be issued denied.

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