The brake gets hot? Possible causes at a glance!

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The causes of brakes getting hot can be manifold. Because the brake pads are pressed against the brake disc or brake drum during the braking process, the vehicle comes to a standstill. There are various reasons that can lead to more heat being generated in this area. Signs that something is wrong are usually small Cracks in the brake disc, a conspicuous blue discoloration the disc, one hot rim, which even has also changed color to bluish or a biting, unbearable burnt smell. Your own safety and the safety of others can be jeopardized by the sudden locking of a wheel on the vehicle. If the material overheats, brake fade can also occur, which means that braking efficiency is greatly reduced.

The following causes are possible!

Brake discs Turning Overturning Blue

Stiff or defective brake caliper: If a vehicle is equipped with disc brakes, there is one on each wheel that has a brake disc caliper. In the calipers are the so-called Brake pads. When the brake pedal is depressed, the brake piston(s) pushes the pads against the brake disc. In some cases it happens that the brake caliper no longer moves properly and thus permanently presses the brake pads against the brake disc. A workshop should then be visited as soon as possible. The affected parts of the brake can be repaired there (made viable) or renewed. There are even special ones for fixed calipers Repair kits.

Rust is considered a general problem in a brake system

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Defective or stiff parking brake/handbrake: Depending on the structure of the brake system, the parking brake is integrated into the service brake in different ways. If the handbrake has a defect, it can cause it to act like it is all the time attracted. If the coating of the brake cable is cracked, water can collect there and in winter freeze. Another cause may be that there is damage to the brake cable sheathing and the integrated brake cable to rust begins. This causes the parking brake stiff will. If you release the handbrake lever, it goes down, but the handbrake on the rear axle does not release. In these cases, the brake will almost always need to be disassembled to fix the problem. The affected parts are then derusted and cleaned. An exchange for new parts cannot be ruled out either. There are even special ones for such cases Repair kits.

Handbrake fixed rust E1642228739504

Braking behavior can be incorrect when driving uphill: A Overheating of the brake system can also be caused by incorrect braking behavior by the driver. Driving the vehicle with foresight can prevent this. If you have a long downhill ride ahead of you, it is advisable to Engine brake to use. This avoids constantly standing on the brakes. It is best to brake harder once, depending on the situation, than lightly and permanently all the time.

Main examination can be negative

Failing the main inspection is almost guaranteed with a stiff wheel. This is considered a "serious deficiency".

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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