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Brake lubricants Lubricating paste 2 e1580795848909 Brake lubricants Always stay nice and smooth

If it squeaks when braking, it is probably missing the right brake lubricant. Because this guarantees that the easily movable and therefore important parts of the brakes work perfectly. A good brake lubricant protects the brakes against corrosion, i.e. against the formation of rust, and prevents unpleasant braking noises. Disc or drum brakes can only achieve optimum performance in the long term if a lubricant is used for the brake pads during installation. For disc brakes, for example, the guides and the rear support points (in the brake caliper) the brake pads are lubricated. With drum brakes, lubricant is applied to the contact points of the brake shoes on the brake carrier plate and on the pelvic bearing. High quality brake lubricants are suitable for all types of brakes, with steel or aluminum calipers, as well as cars with ABS. A good brake lubricant is therefore essential for the function of the brake system. It also contributes to maintaining the value and durability of the brake components. When choosing the brake lubricant, attention should therefore be paid to quality, so that money and unnecessary effort can be saved in the long run.

what lubricant will be?

Brake lubricants Lubricating paste Brake lubricants Always stay nice and supple

When looking for a high-quality brake lubricant, you should make sure that it is electrically neutral and only a small amount (or nothing at all) loses oil. It should not clump quickly when it comes in contact with dust and dirt from the street. It should also be resistant to heat and cold and have a high wash-out resistance, for example due to a high-pressure cleaner for cleaning rims. Although most of them immediately got the key word when it comes to brake lubricant copper paste comes to mind, it is not so well suited to permanently protect brake pads. As the name suggests, this paste contains copper. It is a metal with electrical conductivity. This can lead to electrochemical corrosion more quickly. In addition, copper paste is not sufficiently immune to external influences and contains acid. The unsightly consequences follow: The brake becomes stiff, the brakes rust faster and the paste can clump.

recommended: metal-free permanent lubricant

Brake lubricants Lubricating paste 3 e1580795897175 Brake lubricants Always stay nice and smooth

This not only causes noise when the brake is actuated, but also has a negative effect on the life of the brake pads. Such a brake lubricant can also be to blame if you have difficulty removing the brakes. These are often stuck due to the old, clumped lubricant. For the sake of the environment and to ensure that the brakes work properly, copper paste should be avoided. A metal-free permanent lubricant should be the first choice. These are also used in workshops. By the way, brake lubricants are also available in the form of sprays. They are also metal-free and very resistant to external influences.

summarized the most important details:

  • Use non-conductive permanent lubricants
  • The guides and support points of the brake pads are lubricated with the permanent lubricant (Depending on the type of brake caliper, its guides, drum brakes at the points where the brake shoes rest on the brake carrier plate and the shoe bearing)
  • Permanent brake lubricants are intended to protect against corrosion and keep the brake running smoothly
  • are intended to prevent noise when braking
  • do not use any lubricant containing copper
  • - electrical neutrality
    - minimal oil separation
    - little paste
    - good washout
    - Neutral heat and cold
  • for steel and aluminum calipers
  • for vehicles with anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • can also be used for assembly, the protection of compressors, various lubrication systems, seat rails, guides on the sunroof, door hinges, battery poles, axle bearings, etc.

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