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Warning triangle, first aid kit, breakdown set! And what else?

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Warning triangle first aid kit Breakdown kit e1575871938729 Warning triangle, first aid kit, breakdown kit! And what else?

Must be in the car in an emergency warning triangle, First aid kit, as Safety vests be in place to ensure a minimum level of security in the event of a breakdown. However, there are more extensive breakdown kits that make sense. In addition to the standard equipment, a tow rope, jump starter cable, flashlight, gloves, tools and other aids are available for emergencies. Note: A vehicle has to be Towing device have. All information is available in our article "The towing device - mandatory on every vehicle!".

Nigrin tire sealing - tire repair kit

Exists in Germany none Duty, one Notrad carry. It is therefore advisable to have a tire repair kit with you if that Notrad finds no place in the vehicle. There are two main types of tire repair kits on the market. Those in which the tire is patched by vulcanization strips and sets that work with a tire sealant in connection with a compressor. The variant with a compressor conveys natural rubber as a sealant into the tires in a single operation and then pumps it up again with air. The advantage here are the few work steps. Only the hose has to be connected to the valve. However, the liquid sealant could cause contamination and the car must be moved so that the sealant is properly distributed in the tire. Then the tire pressure should be checked again. Just like the first-aid kit, the sealant should also be checked for durability. A corresponding best before date can often be found on the bottle with the sealant.

Vulcanization strips hardly require space

Vulkanisierungsstreifen warning triangle, first-aid kit, breakdown set! And what else?

The variant with Vulkanisierungsstreifen requires a little more manual skill. An advantage of these sets is that many strips are included and therefore a corresponding number of tires can be patched with the same set. A major disadvantage, however, is that the tire remains flat after the repair, if you do not have a compressor in addition. If the breakdown does not occur accidentally near a gas station, you are now faced with the next problem. Both types of repair have in common that unfortunately they can not fix all the damage. Holes in the tire that are slightly larger or side wall damage can not be resolved with these sets. The sets are therefore only suitable for minor damage to the tread of the tire. As an alternative, there are still pressure bottles containing the sealant. However, these are only suitable for holes up to 3 mm maximum. In addition, the pressure bottle can not inflate any amount of air, as it creates a compressor. Regardless of which repair kit is used, repaired tires are not a permanent solution and it should be approached as slowly and promptly a workshop. Before traveling abroad, it should be borne in mind that in some countries, in addition to the standard breakdown kit, an appropriate repair kit for tires is even mandatory.

What else belongs to the emergency equipment?

What should to carry everything and what to do set a link from your homepage to to take you? As mentioned at the beginning, according to the law, as a driver or driver of a car, you are obliged to carry utensils that serve to secure the scene of the accident or provide first aid. Since 2013, the following things have become mandatory for passenger cars with 3,5 tons and without trailers: First aid kit or first aid kit, warning vest, warning triangle! In the following video we have ordered a 76 in 1 vehicle breakdown kit with first aid kit and have seen what is really inside. There were a lot of useful things, but also a lot to get the 76 parts full in some way. verdict: CHEESE!

it's better to have one than you have

But with more equipment you can play it safe, even if it is not mandatory. Because an extension of the equipment can be useful in an emergency situation and maybe even save lives. We therefore recommend one more to the above mentioned things car fire extinguisher, one belt cutter with disc hammer, And the ADAC rescue cards, which are stowed behind the driver's sun visor, are also an important tool to ensure rapid rescue by the emergency services.

What is a rescue card / rescue data sheet?

Rescue card Rescue data sheet warning triangle, first aid kit, breakdown set! And what else?

The rescue card was introduced by the ADAC and makes it easier for emergency services to free occupants from the car. So that new safety systems and high-strength structures do not make the fast rescue after an accident more difficult, such maps are available for download from any automaker. Of the ADAC lists on its website from almost all manufacturers the direct download option. The maps show installed airbags, emergency brake assistants, alternative drives and unusual materials for the respective vehicle. Because so that a hidden airbag does not injure a rescuer or a high-voltage power line becomes a problem, rescue cards are a possibility to point out such things. For example, the emergency services know where spreaders or rescue shears can be used effectively and safely on the body or where special precautionary measures are necessary. The rescue card for the car should be printed out in color so that areas for special measures are clearly visible. The maximum possible safety equipment of a car model is always shown on such a card. As an indication, you can also attach a sticker with "Rescue card in the vehicle" to the upper or lower right edge of the windscreen. Only mount behind the driver's sun visor: Rescue workers are familiar with this position!

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Ken Block Ford Escort RS Cosworth 2018 5 warning triangle, First Aid Kit, breakdown kit! And what else?

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Luftikid - the inflatable child restraint system!

Luftikid Kinderr% C3% BCcking System Car Aircraft 310x165 Warning triangle, first aid kit, breakdown kit! And what else?

Comfort for long distances - the cruise control!

Cruise control cruise control Cruise Control 310x165 warning triangle, first aid kit, breakdown kit! And what else?

Safety from racing - HANS safety system

HANS Safety System FHR System 2 310x165 Warning triangle, first aid kit, breakdown kit! And what else?

More information at a glance, conversion to double Din

Double DIN Radio 2 DIN Radio Panel 4 310x165 Warning triangle, first aid kit, breakdown kit! And what else?

Everything in view with an on-board computer in the vehicle!

On-board computer Infotainment tuning 4 e1575706228944 310x165 Warning triangle, first-aid kit, breakdown kit! And what else?

Prerequisite for the roof rack - the roof rails!

Roof rail railing 310x165 warning triangle, first aid kit, breakdown set! And what else?

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Warning triangle, first aid kit, breakdown kit! And what else?

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  1. Thank you for the information about first aid kits for vehicles. I need a first aid kit before I travel. I will look for a place to buy medical equipment.

  2. Markus Kleinholz

    Great report on the tire repair kit. Also think that everyone should have such a set with them. Simply practical and, as already mentioned in the article, you don't have to expose yourself to any danger when changing tires on the road. Of course, it is only important that you have the tire changed as soon as possible.

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