Brembo SENSIFY ™: intelligent braking system uses artificial intelligence!

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Brembo SENSIFY ™ braking system artificial intelligence 7 Brembo SENSIFY ™: intelligent braking system uses artificial intelligence!

Brembo today introduced SENSIFY ™, a pioneering, intelligent braking system that combines the most advanced software based on artificial intelligence with the company's globally proven braking components. SENSIFY ™ combines Brembo's current product portfolio of brake calipers, discs and friction material with digital technology and artificial intelligence to create a flexible, revolutionary platform that digitally controls the braking system with software, prediction algorithms and data management. With SENSIFY ™, the braking system is no longer just the sum of its parts, but becomes a unit in which artificial intelligence and software play an active role. The data collection is used to improve the driving experience and to continuously update the system.

Brembo SENSIFY ™ braking system

“With the introduction of SENSIFY ™, Brembo is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in braking systems. It opens up completely new possibilities for drivers to improve their experience on the road and to adapt the braking effect to their driving style. SENSIFY ™ gives drivers a plus in safety that benefits them, ”said Daniele Schillaci, Brembo's Chief Executive Officer. "SENSIFY ™ is all about our vision" Turning Energy into Inspiration "and is a further, significant step towards state-of-the-art, innovative, intelligent and sustainable solutions for the automotive industry." SENSIFY ™ is a combination of two words: SENSE is the ability of People to perceive an external signal or stimulus.

SIMPLIFY expresses the simplicity with which the product installation is brought into the best harmony with the vehicle. SENSIFY ™ thus continuously offers the best of both worlds: driving pleasure and the highest possible level of safety. It's intuitive, responsive, and smooth: the driver gets the expected performance exactly when they need it, and has exceptional vehicle control. SENSIFY ™ is a natural further development based on Brembo's years of experience and know-how. It combines the concept of the best braking components with a digital brain and sensors that control each wheel individually. The result is far more precise handling as well as higher performance and an increased sense of trust for a unique driving experience.

SENSIFY ™ as a more sustainable braking solution

In addition, SENSIFY ™ is a more sustainable braking solution. Thanks to the optimized braking effect on each wheel and the lack of resistance between the pads and discs, emissions are reduced. In addition, SENSIFY ™ opens up new possibilities for vehicle design: It offers manufacturers great flexibility because it allows integration into a wide variety of electrical and combustion platforms - from super sports cars to city cars. Use in the latest generation of commercial vehicles is also conceivable. SENSIFY ™ is expected to be available on the market in early 2024.

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