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Bremen Classic Motorshow will be an online event in 2021!

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Oldtimer condition grade 2 Bremen Classic Motorshow becomes an online event in 2021!

Due to the persistent Corona crisis will the Bremen Classic Motor Show 2021 and Online event occur. Despite all the restrictions, the audience should be one Foretaste for 2022 again event held on site to get. If you Classic car fan then you should be on 6. February 2021 do nothing. Because on this day the Bremen Classic Motorshow will be from 15 to 20 clock online transfer. This means that classic car fans can start the new year almost as usual, even if only digitally.

All details about the online fair:

According to a project manager at Messe Bremen, the Bremen Motor Show, which is taking place online this year, is based on one two pillars principle. While with one Online marketplace vehicles, Spare parts and Collectibles can be traded, finds a great parallel to it Unterhaltungsprogramm with presentations of vehicles, as well as numerous Vorstellungen and Lectures instead of. Parts of the Bremen Exhibition Center were even used for online transmission in digital form processed to give the audience an even more more authentic experience to be able to offer.

bremen classic motorshow Bremen Classic Motorshow will be an online event in 2021!

If you feel like reading the upcoming issue of the Bremen Classic and would like to be there live, you can go directly to the homepage of the organizer without registration and free participate from home. In the course of the event, the audience should also interactively be involved by submitting their questions via Chat or via phone (+49 (0) 421 3505 - 525) can be answered in detail. The current program can be viewed online from next week. With Frank Ruge and the veteran old-timer Johannes Hübner (winner of the “Golden Piston” 2017), the moderators of the event have already been determined.

Online marketplace will remain open until May 1st

In contrast to the fair, which is only available as 1 day online event is held, remains the Online exchange for Vehicles and Spare parts to May open. All exhibitors have the opportunity to place their advertisements kostenfrei adjust. But in addition to the exhibitors, the visitors also get their money's worth because they online rummage and go on a bargain hunt. According to the organizer, this is also the biggest difference to other online platforms. All advertisements remain as already mentioned online until May 1, 2021unless they find a buyer.

Platform also offers space for "young classics"

In the online version of the Bremen Classic Motorshow two further fixed points of the annual presence fair were also integrated. Because the "young classics" and models of the "Young generation", So vehicles from the 1970er to 1990s presents. Both categories become three vehicles each presented, which the viewers also directly buy online can.

BMW E39 M5 series Bremen Classic Motorshow becomes an online event in 2021!
BMW E39 M5 standard condition

Foretaste of the anniversary trade fair 2022

A preview of one already planned for this year Special show should give the audience a chance now Visit to the trade fair in 2022 to make tasty. At the special show entitled "Biedermann & Arsonists“Should next to one Renault 5 and a Renault 5 Turbo also a Mercedes-Benz 190 and an 190 Evo presented to the public. The special show ties in with the topic “the Rival“And should also generate enthusiasm next year. However, in contrast to 2022 Rivals within a brand or type presents. Also a second preview of a 2022 on the subject of works motorcycles by DKW and NSU taking place Special show is already as fixed program item planned. Viewers can then watch these two special shows live on the Bremen Classic Motorshow 2022 experience. The fans are looking forward to "Biedermann & Arsonists"And"German champions - European champions - world champions“Already immense.

“Golden Piston 2021” will be awarded online

The online edition of the Bremen Classic Motorshow would not be complete without the award of the "Golden piston", Which has been published annually since 2006 from Vehicle history forum (F-kubik) is awarded to a personality who has earned special merits in terms of vehicle history through their work. This year the award will be on Matthias Kaluza, a well-known designer of museums and exhibitions. The program around the award ceremony is enriched by a round of talks on the subject of "Market observation and market trends for 2021", As well as an expert lecture on the topic contemporary car tuning of models from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Another highlight in the course of the award ceremony will be the presentation of exclusive vehicles and motorcycleslike a Maybach DS8 Zeppelin or a Fiat 85 .

RBW EV Roadster Classic E Conversion Tuning 6 Bremen Classic Motorshow becomes an online event in 2021!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 Bremen Classic Motorshow becomes an online event in 2021!

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