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What to consider when buying a new car!

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Buy a car buy a car vehicle sale e1626925983497 What to consider when buying a new car!


The purchase of a new vehicle should not be made impulsively and must be carefully considered. Many different factors always have to be taken into account. It doesn't necessarily have to be a brand new model, because even the used car trade offers all possible brands, price ranges and key figures. Anyone who is familiar with the area will quickly find the right vehicle for the individual occasion.

Everything at a glance

Get all the information you can get from the dealer. This of course includes the marginal data such as B. year of manufacture, vehicle model and features of the installed technology and performance. However, any accident damage and the next appointment for the main inspection are also important. Take the time you need to discuss all the details and pay attention to the opinions of different people so as not to take on too one-sided perspective. You can also sign up beforehand a checklist write so as not to leave out any details. Of course, the outside should also be right, but the focus should definitely be on quality. Avoid cars that are made of cheap material that wear out quickly or even show signs of rust.

Buy a car buy a car vehicle sale checklist What to consider when buying a new car!

Beware of the emissions scandal

It is important to be aware of important media reports when buying your new car. Surely you have already dated diesel scandal heard, in which several manufacturers of vehicles were involved. Here, cars were provided with prohibited software, which alienated the key figure for the emission of dangerous nitrogen oxide. For environmental reasons, there is a legal limit for these, which was clearly exceeded when the vehicles were started. The event first became known in America. At the end of 2015, Volkswagen, among others, was drawn into the affair. However, other manufacturers followed, including Audi, Opel, Daimler, Fiat and even Porsche.

EA288 engine diesel scandal VW Volkswagen What to consider when buying a new car!

Anyone who unknowingly bought an affected vehicle was offered an update for the software by a specialist as compensation. If you want to make sure, you should find out enough information about your car on the Internet. In this way you can be sure to pass the next TÜV without any problems so that your vehicle can continue to be registered. Think carefully about whether you want to be the successor to a car that has been improved after the scandal. The engine will give up the ghost faster on average and the tank empties faster, which will sooner or later put a strain on your wallet. In return, the purchase price will be a bit lower.

The first inspection

Images or video material on the Internet can quickly be deceiving if the angle and lighting conditions have been adjusted. It is therefore important to have seen your future vehicle in real life at least once before buying it. Pay attention to details such as B. the tire pressure and take a tour around the car. The assessment of the bottom is also essential, because problems can already be identified here. Liquids must not leak into the engine compartment and the hoses should be tight. Furthermore, the interior should have a rather neutral scent and all safety mechanisms must work properly. If everything fits so far, ask the seller for a test drive. Here you will learn how the car behaves in traffic. Pay attention to the acceleration, the braking power and a gearshift that is not sluggish.

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