Is it worth buying an electric car?

Purchase of electric car costs

Electric vehicles have grown tremendously in popularity in recent years as they become more affordable. On the other hand, the ban on the sale of new petrol engines from 2030 also imitates the purchase of an electric car. Although the plans don't mean the end of used petrol and diesel car sales, now is a good time to decide whether to go electric now or save it for later.

One of the main disadvantages of switching to an electric car is that in some regions there are not enough charging stations. And although, thanks to electricity, we have long been working from home, watching films and a Online casino app can use, there are still not as many car chargers as we would like. Next, consider how many chargers, what is the cost of running the car, and other important points.

number of chargers

It is difficult to predict how many chargers will be needed to meet demand in 2030. Although the driver is rarely more than 40 km away from the charging station in many large cities, the problem with charging stations remains relevant in smaller regions. However, it should be borne in mind that their number is growing very quickly.

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In addition to the fact that the number of charging stations is growing, the federal government is also dealing with this topic. In order to allay the fear of long-distance drivers, Germany wants to set up a nationwide network of fast charging stations along the autobahn. This allows drivers to charge their batteries to 30-80% in 100 minutes. The range that a car can travel without recharging naturally depends on the model and battery. However, most models already have a range of 200 to 500 kilometers (124 to 310 miles).

Availability of chargers at petrol stations

While most EV drivers charge at home or at work, the conversion of traditional fuel stations is the backbone to support the transition from gasoline and diesel to electricity. Major fuel manufacturers have already started adding charging points at their stations to make life easier for EV drivers. The sooner the big petrol station chains start introducing chargers at their stations, the more likely people will switch from petrol to electric cars.

Do electric cars produce less carbon dioxide?

Another concern for German motorists is that manufacturing batteries is a very energy-intensive process. In fact, the production of an electric car causes more carbon emissions than the production of a conventional car. In Europe, however, these higher production emissions are offset by an average of two years of EV ownership. In addition, an electric car causes three times less emissions over the entire life cycle of a car than a car with a combustion engine. However, it is worth noting that the climate benefits are much smaller in countries where most of the electricity used to charge batteries comes from fossil fuels rather than from renewable sources.

For example, electrification of the automotive industry can reduce carbon emissions into the environment, but countries need to expand the renewable energy sector for the effect to be significant. Although the operating costs of electric vehicles are significantly lower than those of petrol vehicles, many motorists are reluctant to switch to electric vehicles because of the high price. Reason enough for many potential buyers, because not everyone simply has the money for a good electric car. The initial cost of an electric vehicle is typically higher than that of a petrol or diesel equivalent. Perhaps by 2030 their price will drop to the level of traditional cars, but for now it remains only to watch the market and prepare for the transition to electric vehicles.

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  1. Why is your article devoid of important info such as how long on average to charge an EV or whether charging can be accomplished during extreme cold or hot weather without issue? How long will the lines be waiting for a turn at an EV "fill up" (and actual charging) compared to the petrol stations where you can completely fill the tank of your combustion engine vehicle with gasoline in 10 minutes or less and be in your way?

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