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The German car market only accounts for a fifth of the sales of the American market. This is due, among other things, to the lower prices and the greater selection. If you are looking for a US car that we do not offer, you have to import it. But how do you buy a car from a distance without ever having seen it?

Ford Mustang classic import Germany

Find the right US car

Anyone who begins to look for it must already have an approximate picture in their head of what it is on American market unlike ours to buy there. It's not just classic American cars. New models come out every year that are not or not yet to be found in Germany. Do you want Import US cars, you just have to make sure that the cars are used extensively geprüft were and the Transport plus acquisition costs worth it.

US car sales platform USCar Trader mediates the offers of American car sellers without middleman surcharge. your Marketplace calculator shows all available offers according to vehicle type, make, model, age and mileage. The good thing about it and unique on the market: the prices shown are Final prices for the pure vehicle purchase. You don't fall in love with a car when you are listed, which later surprises you with middleman surcharges.

Import calculator is a transparent listing of approximate guide values ​​for all costs. Here you can choose which Additional services the platform one would like to use, such as a possibly necessary conversion for German approval tests. All Unit prices are listed and at the end in Customs value (Vehicle costs and services up to the port of arrival), Net- (Customs value + customs) and Gross cost (Net value + VAT) is displayed. With the exception of retrofitting and delivery, the individual services usually cost less than € 200.

Vehicle inspection on site

Since you can only orientate yourself from a distance using photos and promises made by the seller, you will receive through the offer AutoCheck a detailed and independent report on request Vehicle history for all cars built after '81. Only these have the 17-digit Chassis number, in American the vehicle information number (VIN). The report contains all data of the car available in North America, for example if and in which Accidents he was involved or whether he was going to Theft was reported.

In order to keep its customers happy, it is important to USCar Trader that they get what they order. It is therefore checked that no one falls for cheats that they cannot investigate in person.

Help with the purchase

If you don't want to get in touch with the American seller yourself, you can book the checkout service. For the surcharge, the platform not only takes on the contact, but also price negotiations and the like. This is especially helpful if you are not confident enough in your English and negotiation skills.

Safe transport / import and customs

The regular delivery to the German port includes Collection, shipping, port handling and customs clearance. It usually costs 1.500 to 2.000 €. If you want to have the car delivered to your destination, you pay an extra charge, the amount of which depends on the respective destination. On our side of the sea, the cargo ships usually land in Rotterdam or Bremerhaven. For a delivery to Berlin one pays around from there, for example 446 €, to Frankfurt 470 €.

The great benefit of having shipments from import companies working with US auto sales platforms is that they all Customs formalities at foreign borders know and they run so smoothly. You get all the necessary documents and present them to the right place. Costs such as the standard consumption tax (NoVA) that you would have to pay for private imports are already offset in the import costs.

transport insurance it's worth it! Imports are usually transported with two cars, and if you want to save costs sometimes with three cars in a 40-foot container. The more cars, the bigger they are Risk of damagethat you can never rule out anyway.

Since many US cars were never sold in Germany, they do not have a uniform one data sheet from the manufacturer that can be used here without any problems. With the necessary TÜV testwho makes sure that the car is German safety standards and can be approved, a suitable data sheet can be obtained.

Possibly a conversion

The rules for approvals in the German area make a conversion, especially with older models, often necessary. If you buy a car whose papers don't show CO2 and it doesn't make it over that Emissions certificate, it can be expensive. Other regulations are that Headlight quality, the minimum requirement of the so-called DOT marking of vehicle windows or certain ball diameters of couplings. A list of the possible problem areas can be found on our entry for retrofitting here .


If you want to import a US car, you can't avoid doing good math. The low car prices in the American market can be worth it. But you have to make sure as best you can that you can cope with the transport costs and that the car does not cost repair fees in the 5-digit range after arrival so that it is registered in Germany. Sales platforms such as USCar Transport help here, as they offer extensive services for import and retrofitting and support with the purchase process.

Ford Mustang classic import Germany

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