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California look from the USA - the special VW cult!

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California Looker VW Kaefer Cal Look Tuning BUG IN 3 California Look from the USA the special VW cult!

Photos by The small tank

In 1965, "The small tank“Founded by Ron Fleming and a converted VW Beetle with the name Ovals was basically the star. The small tank (you really write it that way) is in the California look Scene of one of the first and still most glorious clubs to this day. The tuning style is also often called Cal Style or Cal Look and when it comes to the international beetle cult, it is almost a big bang. A small group of Beetle freaks near Los Angeles from Orange County initiated this in the early 60s, and beetles were converted into real racing machines here on their own. However, you actually have to have the Cal Style and Cal Look distinguishThe Cal style originated in LA and was more of a Gangster or low rider look. The "Cal-Look" or "HP" shared the low-rider look, but used stylistic elements from motorsport. Worldwide, the names of the tuning pioneers enjoy with tens of thousands of fans in the Cal scene since then a hero status. Ron Fleming with the "Underdog", Dean Lowry with the "Deano Dyno-Soar", Schley Brothers with the "Lighning Bu", Greg Aronson with the "Tar Babe" and Joe Vittone with the "Inch Pincher". They are known in the California look scene!

The collective Käfer fan cult was born on October 20.10.1968th, XNUMX.

California Looker VW Kaefer Cal Look Tuning BUG IN 1 California Look from the USA the special VW cult!

The story of the California Looker: At that time, a colorful troop wanted to understatement, but also on Time. Among the racing fans in the 1950s there were actually those Hot Rods asked, but he Beetle hit the zeitgeist. It was cool, small, sturdy, and cheap. The vehicle was for individualists and not for show-offs. And with the right one Tuning he advanced mightily. A good conversion could be done at the traffic lights and on the Drag strips provide funny moments of surprise. The fastest acceleration was chosen and its popularity continued to increase in the USA from the 1950s onwards. Initially, the beetles were still exotic there, but they were quickly able to show their advantages due to their low weight. Cal look beetle were able to regularly score points with the increasingly powerful engines on the drag strip.

Important information for the California looker

Many wonder what actually distinguishes the California look. In principle it's easy because everything will omitted, what not necessarily is needed. They came away Steel rims, which trim, which Spare wheels, which Back seats and even the Bumpers. The certain purism was then coupled to a Performance tuning. And so that the horsepower in the rear engine was well implemented in the Beetle came big tires to the rear axle. At the lowered front axle there were, however, small wheels. The Nose down look it was perfect. The motto was at maximum performance and minimum weight and with as much style as possible. In earlier California-Looker vehicles, the design was shaped by the focus on Type 1 engines, Sport steering wheels, monochrome original paintwork and painted headlight rings.

California Looker VW Kaefer Cal Look Tuning BUG IN California Look from the USA the special VW cult!

BUG IN on the Orange Country International Raceway

The first BUG IN was on the Orange Country Inernational Raceway and it was a big fan event. Countless vehicles were shown by inventors and added Karmann Ghias, Bullis, Buggies and beetles. Until then, there had been no events of this size. The BUG-IN was held twice a year until 1983 and it even caused a sensation internationally. The first generation of Cal Lookers were very enthusiastic, but the style did not really trade under the name until later and was world-famous. It was in 1975 when Jere Alhadeff introduced the term California look with an article in the industry magazine HOT VWs coined. The name has been the program since that time and today there are certainly tens of thousands active worldwide Car looker fans. The Cal Look is constantly changing and complementing each other, with the vintage, Rat and Resto looks picking up on the original Cal look ideas. This always depends on the zeitgeist and the decade. Today, the early Cal look is not only considered a milestone in the tuning scene, it also had a style-defining effect on the entire car design.

California Looker VW Kaefer Cal Look Tuning BUG IN 2 California Look from the USA the special VW cult!

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