Earn money with the vehicle - car advertising!

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Advertising on private cars actually sounds like a good thing for both sides, companies and car owners. The driver of the car parks in front of the supermarket, school, or in the parking bay of a busy street and makes money in the process. The company advertises in different locations and does not have to do more than one Vinyl to put on the car. However, there are a few things to consider when it comes to car advertising.

Earn money with car advertising

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Some companies directly sign a rental agreement with the employees for free space on the private vehicle. Here they use a trick to pay employees a small extra salary tax-free. If the income from car advertising does not exceed the limit of 256 euros throughout the year, you do not have to pay tax. If the additional salary is due to a Werbefolierung higher, it must be taxed in any case. Some companies also pay out the remuneration in the form of fuel vouchers or other vouchers. You quickly come across brokerage companies on the Internet that have specialized in bringing together vacant spaces on private cars and companies.

An individual logo as advertising? That's how it's done!

But of course, these companies also want a piece of the pie. Before signing a contract here, you should read the conditions carefully. There may be a penalty for breaching the contract. Caution is always required if you are asked to pay a fee first and then not even contractually guaranteed that an advertising partner will be found. These offers are often dubious and the providers only focus on the data or the prepayment.

Advantages and disadvantages of car advertising

Nowadays there are far easier ways for companies to reach far more people with their advertising message than with car advertising. This is quite untargeted and in the worst case the car stands in a narrow gap in the parking garage for hours and the advertising cannot be seen. In addition, the company has to rely on the fact that the driving style is exemplary and that the driver does not attract attention in traffic. Then the advertisement is quickly attributed to an employee of the company. In addition, the car must meet certain requirements. It should have a flawless paintwork and no damage such as dents or scratches.

It should also be free of any other stickers or foiling. The car must often not be more than five years old. And of course advertising on a Ferrari is more likely to attract attention than on a Fiat Panda. For the advertising company, car advertising only pays off if the driver covers a large number of kilometers per year. Some companies also require drivers to transmit their data via GPS. Ultimately, in addition to the question of money, it is purely a matter of taste whether you want to rent out advertising space on the car or not. Possibly are modern ideas like the MyAutoData system the better choice.

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  1. I didn't know that the contract between a company and the driver called a lease. Ad wrapping is generally very interesting, I think. It is important to avoid damaging the paint on the vehicle so that it is worth it. Thanks for the information on the idea of ​​car advertising!

  2. Thanks for the tips on car advertising. An acquaintance wants to start his own business and thinks about what his advertisement for a local shop could look like. They'll likely have it printed by a foil lettering company nearby. It is interesting that income that occurs through car advertising and does not exceed the limit of 256 euros for the entire year do not have to be taxed. I am happy to pass that on.

  3. Thanks for the interesting contribution on the subject of car advertising. My uncle would like to promote his company by printing out car lettering that includes his logo. It's good to know that this is a win-win situation, as the driver of the labeled car parks in front of the supermarket, school or in the parking bay on a busy street and simply earns money on the side. Likewise, it would be a good advertisement for my uncle.

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