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Tip: How can we take better care of our car?

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Car wash cleaning tips Care tip: How can we take better care of our car?

Car care ensures that a new car looks and drives like a new car in the long term. The used one, in turn, remains supple even in old age. Care is not to be understood narrowly, but broadly defined. Because the driving style also influences the condition of the vehicle.

What has to be changed regularly ...

There, where regular changes are recommended, changes must be made! An example are those tire. They must have a legally stipulated profile depth of at least 1,6 mm. Buying used tires is a bad idea because of the high degree of wear and tear and the low remaining tread depth. Suitable summer and winter tires will be bought new, which increases safety in traffic. Liquids such as water can be better absorbed and drained off in the deep treads, so that the risk of aquaplaning is reduced when the road surface is wet. There are now downright innovative inventionssuch as B. Runflat tiresthat continue to drive even after they burst. It is always worth taking a look at these innovations when choosing a tire.

The Change of liquids are also a regular task. While the Brake fluid in workshops is changed, the Independent oil change be made. Here is the Observe the correct viscosity of the engine oil, which varies with the outside temperatures. Measure the oil level and change the oil if the level is too low. The moving parts of the engine are protected from wear with clean oil.

Air filter and cabin filter are also to be exchanged regularly. In larger time intervals - 100.000 to 150.000 kilometers drive - will new timing belt required because otherwise, in the worst case, the engine will be damaged. And then it gets really expensive ... (Tip: this is how the change from the air filter succeeds)

The small 1 × 1 of cleaning

Car wash cleaning tips Care foiling tip: How can we take better care of our car?
A full wrap protects the paintwork of the vehicle.

Not everything can be done automatically in the car wash. Indeed, drivers must lend a hand yourself for proper cleaning in various places. These include:

  • Rims and tires
  • seals
  • Paint
  • Inside

Without pre-treatment, the Rims not perfectly clean. There are special ones wheel cleaner, which sprayed on in the car wash before cleaning become. The regular use of rubber care products is recommended for tires. So they literally shine in shine, which staged the car and rims appropriately.

From the Seals for doors and rain drains have Dirt and residue scrubbed away by myself because the car wash does not clean exactly there. Using a sponge before cleaning is sufficient for seals.

Big, sensitive punt: the paint. There is hardly a vehicle that is visually defined as much by its paintwork as a sports car or a high-class vehicle. Stone chips or cracksthat come to the fore after cleaning have to go with a Touch-up pen be closed. car wax offers a further protective effect.

Floor mats car carpet car mat tuning tip: How can we take better care of our car?

Finally the Inside: The use of high-pressure cleaners is permitted for rubber mats. Everything else, e.g. B. Upholstery and fittings must be cleaned with special cleaners designed for the material.

Two insider tips for cleaning: If you want to protect the paintwork in the long term and design it individually, you should opt for one Full or partial foiling of the vehicle. Foils protect the paint and are cheaper than painting. They can be easily removed or exchanged. They are eye-catching and unmistakable designs when fully wrapped actionable. Another piece of advice is that thorough drying of the car - especially the spare wheel well - because moisture quickly creates unpleasant odors.

Wear parts: Correct handling comes before care

The Crucial point in vehicle care educate the wear parts. They are pre-programmed that they have to be changed at some point. When the time comes first depends on the right approach. This handling is determined by the driving style. Whoever hits the brakes by boarding the streets will have to switch early. The same applies to the clutch, which suffers from dragging too long. There are the following essential wear parts:

  • Brakes and brake pads
  • exhaust system
  • Clutch
  • tire
  • Wiper blades of the windshield wipers
  • Lamps
  • starter battery
  • Timing chain timing belt

What can be done to ensure the longest possible service life for the parts? Of the Handling needs to be improved. Because one thing is certain: The Driving style is part of caring for a vehicle to. Apart from the ideal handling, there are special care products for the individual wearing parts. For example, the Use of brake lubricants beneficial to maintain the smoothness of the brakes.

Do not exaggerate!

Car wash cleaning tips care foiling 4 e1598676480773 Tip: How can we take better care of our car?

Sure: Anyone who has a sports car will want to get the most out of their performance. We don't want to deny you this fun, but would like to point out that every fun should be enjoyed carefully. in the public transportation will ideally also drove a sports car as it was taught in driving school.

Letting the vehicle coast has the advantage over braking that the brakes and brake pads are protected. Where roll-out is not possible, there is slow braking an excellent alternative. The situation is similar with the clutch: unnecessary use and a lack of Feeling in the coupling process lead to accelerated wear. Among drivers, it is sometimes said that a car is like a person: you have to act with feeling in order to get the ideal answers. Give your car a bit of sensitivity too. He will thank you. And when things get hot on the track, you will enjoy it all the more!

Habits appeal to the car

While we have already unpacked the box, we can go straight to this point: "Humans are creatures of habit." This saying sounds familiar to us. In fact, it's no different with the vehicle. Where this is noticeable are Temperature change. The vehicle can cope well with a certain temperature range over the long term, but problems begin with frequent temperature fluctuations.

The exhaust system in particular suffers from fluctuating weather conditions. The first signs of damage to the exhaust system are ...

  • Traces of rust
  • loud sounds (e.g. rattling, popping)
  • increased exhaust emission

If you see such signs, you should visit the workshop as early as possible. Firstly, this avoids major damage to the vehicle and secondly, there is a high probability that a more expensive new purchase including assembly is prevented.

Im Winter is caused by the low temperatures of the Vehicle starter battery added. It is best to get the engine running first. Disengaging the clutch and taking the gear out of gear so that the starter turns more easily is an additional good help. In addition, charging devices strengthen electricity storage.

Car wash cleaning tips winter battery e1598676586723 Tip: How can we take better care of our car?

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    • zgadzam się :) mąż mi polecil ten sam olej z hyundai xteer, bardzo przyzwoity i zuzycie paliwa w ogole jakieś mniejsze przy nim 😀 silnik zostaje w super kondycji dzieki temu.

  2. I will probably sell my car soon and would like to properly prepare it again. I especially want to take a closer look at the classic wear parts. It is good to have an exact list again, because I didn't even think about the timing belt of the timing chain. I'll definitely take a closer look, thank you for the tips. I also found information here.

  3. My husband noticed that our car looks kind of neglected and is showing a lot of wear and tear. You are of course right that good handling of the car is essential, which also includes the driving style. Surely our car would be in a little better shape if we drove like we learned in driving school. However, I can well imagine that a parking space would have an enormous effect. Maybe we could have a carport added.

  4. Yes osobiście polecam zainwestować w miejsce garażowe, bo to dużo daje jesli chodzi o rdzę, warunki pogodowe i ich niekorzystny wpływ 🙁 moje Audi super działa na fajnym oleju, moge z czystym w lowsundzny i polo wydajnie na nim dziala silnik, nie ma zatarć, dobry poślizg itd

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