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With a car cover, the back seat stays clean!

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Car blanket Car blanket Trunk blanket dog e1594285280988 The back seat stays clean with a car blanket!

Car covers are a practical alternative for massive transport boxes in the trunk or the little ones Pet bags. The blankets serve to protect the interior of the car, especially the rear seat bench, from dirt and animal claws. Car covers are mainly used for the transport of dogs. Their structure and properties offer animal owners many advantages. So that the car cover does its job for a long time, it should meet certain purchase criteria from the start.

Advantages and disadvantages

Car blanket Car blanket Trunk blanket dog 2 With a car blanket, the back seat stays clean!

A protective blanket offers several advantages over the conventional transport box. It is suitable for all pet owners who want their pets to be properly seated passengers in want to take the vehicle cabin with them. Unlike a transport box, the dogs can lie comfortably on the cozy blanket and stretch out as they please. The common protective covers cover the trunk or the rear seats completely. They also protect the side walls and are non-slip. The dog can be transported comfortably while the interior of the car is protected from dirt. This is a great advantage, especially after a walk in wet weather. The disadvantage of a blanket is its assembly. The ceilings have to be reassembled. However, only a few simple steps are usually necessary. The dog can then make himself comfortable in the car. A car blanket protects the seats from the claws and animal hair, while it is also water-repellent. The blanket can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth after use. Car blankets make long journeys in the car easier for both animal owners and animals.

Criteria for a car cover

Good car covers do not have to be expensive and serve their purpose for many years. High-quality materials and clean processing are important purchase criteria. The blanket should be scratch-resistant so that it cannot be damaged by an animal's claws. Water-repellent materials are practical in bad weather conditions and at the same time easier to care for. Car covers are made of different robust materials and in different designs. The optics can also be individually selected without fear of loss of functionality.

In order for a car blanket to be practical, it should be possible to install it in just a few simple steps. Easy handling is such an important purchase criterion. As a rule, the middle part of the car seat cover is attached to the seats using belts. Some models have adjustable straps that can be adjusted to the dimensions of the car. The dimensions of the car cover should be selected according to the dimensions of the car. They can be mounted in the trunk, on the back seat or on a single seat. An important criterion is a hole for a seat belt. So the dog can be transported safely and comfortably while the car remains clean.

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Car blanket Car blanket Trunk blanket dog 3 With a car blanket, the back seat stays clean!

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