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Car insurance: what should the policy at least be able to do?

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Accident Auto Crash Smartphone Tuning Vehicle Insurance: What should the policy at least be able to do?


Motor vehicle insurance is compulsory for every car owner in Germany. However, there are many different types of insurance, all of which offer different prices and benefits. As a result, as every year, car owners in Germany are being encouraged to change their car insurance. This is due to the fact that the deadline that must be used to cancel the old insurance is soon to come. This cut-off date usually falls on 30. November. And this year it may be particularly worthwhile to change your insurance. But why is it worth it this year?

Fewer accidents due to Corona

Mouth guard, nose guard, corona kfz Motor vehicle insurance: What should the policy be able to do at least?

Due to the limitations of the Corona crisis There were fewer accidents this year than usual. For this reason, the scope for insurance companies has increased so that they can offer potential new customers cheaper tariffs or tariffs with more services.
When comparing insurance, however, you should not only pay attention to the price. Of course, the services included are also very important - after all, you don't want to get fewer services in your new plan than in your old one. In the following we will explain in more detail what insurance policies should offer and who needs which insurance.
For every driver is the so-called Liability insurance mandatory. This covers the damage you've caused to others. According to experts, the maximum amounts insured should be at least 100 million euros and also 15 million euros per injured person.

That may sound like too much money at first, and normally the amount of damage is not that high - but extreme accidents can result in damage in the millions. Only a sum of 1,22 million is mandatory, but remember: You would have to pay for anything in excess of this sum. Of course we all hope that this will never happen, but it is not for nothing that they say "Better safe than sorry". Furthermore, the so-called "Mallorca Police" should be concluded. This means that you are insured against liability when you are driving a rental car abroad. It does not cover damage that you cause to your own vehicle. Liability insurance is usually sufficient for old cars whose value is no longer particularly high. In other cases, voluntary comprehensive insurance makes sense.

What about storm damage and marten damage?

Marten protection Anti marten spray Marten shock Marderschreck 4 Vehicle insurance: What should the policy be able to do at least?

If you have taken out partial comprehensive insurance, the insurance will pay for it if, for example, your car has been broken into or for broken glass, storm damage and fire. Also Marten bites and accidents involving wildlife are covered. However, you should make sure that the contract says “all animals” or “all vertebrates” and not just wild animals. In addition, with marten damage, too consequential damages covered by at least 5.000 euros. For your new car, it's best to have one Comprehensive insurance to lock. This includes all the benefits of partial comprehensive insurance, but also covers damage that you cause to your own vehicle and damage caused by the person causing the accident or vandalism. You should also note that the tariff corresponds to the "Waiver of the objection of gross negligence“Contains - if this is not included, the insurance company can pay less and justify this with gross negligence on your part. It is also good if not only the current value but the new price is reimbursed. That can be the first 6 months, but sometimes it is also 3 years.

And the cost of car insurance?

The costs depend on your age, where you live and your vehicle. For a partially comprehensive insurance, the average value is usually around 90 euros and around 350 euros for a fully comprehensive insurance. A comparison is definitely worthwhile and may save one or two euros. And with the money you save, you can give your vehicle some love. For example with a paint treatment or a Interior maintenance.

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