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Car jerks when starting or taking off the gas - what to do?

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car jerks when moving off Car jerks when moving off or take off the gas What to do?


When a car jerks when starting or taking off the gas, there is usually not immediately a clear identifiable cause of the problem. However, the jerking is often a sign of defects / problems that you can often determine yourself. However, if the problem cannot be solved, a trip to the nearest workshop is inevitable. Basically the jerking when starting can have various causes.

Why does a car jerk when starting?

1. Wrong gear or too little gas

  • One reason why the car jerks when starting is perhaps an incorrectly selected gear (2 or 3 gear), or that the driver is simply not giving enough gas (manual switch). This often happens to novice drivers because they don't have that much experience with cars. This problem can be quickly checked and solved with the right driving style.

Starting the car second third gear 1 e1626764059947 Car jerks when starting or taking off the accelerator What to do?

2. Problem in the fuel system

  • If the gear is correctly engaged, the cause of the jerking can also be a problem in the Fuel system be. For example, the feed pump may be defective or the fuel filter may be dirty. Both of these factors mean that not enough fuel is fed into the injection system, which causes the engine to jerk because there is too little fuel available.
  • If that is the cause of the jerking when starting, the car should be viewed immediately by a specialist in a workshop. If you don't know a lot about cars, it is kaum möglich repair the injection system yourself. In the worst case scenario, the problem can be made worse and the damage worsened.

Gasoline pump defective causes jerks 1 car jerks when starting or take off the gas What to do?

3. Defective spark plugs

  • Likewise defective spark plugs can be the trigger for a jerk. This is because the spark plugs may be worn out and therefore no longer work properly. In this case, you can often lend a hand and use a spark plug Spark plug wrench and instructions exchange. Quick tip: First the spark plugs are pulled off and the defective spark plugs are unscrewed. Then the new spark plugs are reinstalled in reverse order and the plugs are plugged in again. However, the plugs must not be interchanged under any circumstances, which is why you should first replace a spark plug and then work your way forward step by step.

Misfire backfire misfire tuning defective spark plug e1625212262236 car jerks when starting or take off the gas What to do?

4. Electronics defect

  • If the spark plugs are OK, one can too Electronics damage are present. This electronic defect can be a broken engine control unit or a broken sensor such as a non-functioning air mass meter. In order to solve this problem, as with the broken injection system, it is essential to visit a workshop. If the car is a little older, the ignition contacts may also be oxidized. This problem can be solved relatively easily by removing the cover of the ignition distributor and spraying some contact spray on the ignition contacts and trying again.

Electronic problems auto Auto jerks when starting or take off the gas What to do?

5. Defective clutch

  • Not only a problem in the engine can lead to jerking when starting, but also a defective clutch in which there is no longer even friction during power transmission. This happens when the clutch disc is worn out or warped. The clutch can also no longer work if the release bearing is worn or the slave cylinder of the clutch is defective. Again, the next trip should be to a car mechanic to replace the clutch.

Clutch problems auto Auto jerks when moving off or take off the gas What to do?

6. Cold

  • Often cars are left outside, which often creates fog and rain Moisture in the ignition system bring. The engine gets cold and jerks when starting. But once the engine is running properly, the moisture evaporates and the engine runs normally again. It must in this case no workshop to be visited.

Moisture Fog problems auto Auto jerks when moving off or take off the gas What to do?

Why does a car jerk when taking off the gas?

Wrong motor setting: The engine is often set incorrectly when the car jerks when taking the gas off. More precisely, the position of the throttle valve on the carburetor or on the injection system is changed, as a result of which the intake air is minimized and, as a result, the engine speed is reduced. But also the incorrect adjustment the mixing ratio of air and fuel leads to a jerk when taking off the gas, since there is an excess of fuel and the mixture in the combustion chamber can ignite itself.

If the jerking occurs again and again, that is of course annoying, but also harmful to the engine. Therefore, it is essential to visit a workshop so that a specialist can set the engine correctly again. If the car is a bit older, you can also dare to tackle the problem yourself and adjust the mixture screw on the injection system so that the jerking stops.

However, it is not an easy task, which is why you should carefully consider whether you dare to do this. If you own a newer car, it is usually no longer possible to make these settings yourself, as certain devices are required for this. So that the workshop can fix the jerking quickly, you should be able to explain exactly when the judder occurs. This allows an auto mechanic to make a faster diagnosis and the problem can be resolved more quickly.

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