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Cheap solution - paint the vehicle with the brush!

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Car paint brush repainting 2 e1576338774364 cheap solution paint the vehicle with the brush!

If you are no longer satisfied with the color of your car or it has lost its shine, you can also pick up your own brush and give the vehicle a new look. Because you can not only drive a car spraying or by means of paint roller equip with a new paint, but as a further option also with a brush.

Preparation is the be-all and end-all

Car paint brush repainting e1576338725782 cheap solution paint the vehicle with the brush!

But before you reach for a brush, the preparation must of course be right. This includes, for example, choosing a suitable environment where you can paint the car. Going out into the open air is not a good idea, nor in a dirty and dusty area like a garage. A paint booth is ideal. After all, you don't want any dirt, flies or leaves on your new paintwork. But if the result has to look less “noble”, the garage is also OK. But preparation also includes choosing a suitable color. It is important that you have a sufficient amount. Before you can start painting, you have to mask the vehicle. For example the headlights, handles and every component that shouldn't come into contact with the paint. It is of course even better to dismantle as many parts as possible.

Car paint brush repainting 3 e1576338861281 cheap solution paint the vehicle with the brush!

Another step is to check the existing paint layer. Here you should check whether there is any damage. If so, you have to repair them as best you can, otherwise it will be visible later. Depending on the damage, it may be necessary to fill and prime the damaged area. You also have to sand the existing lacquer layer with sandpaper so that the new layer of color also has an optimal hold. 1200s can be used here as sandpaper. It is important that the existing paint layer should not be removed, but only roughened and thus opened. Too coarse or too fine sandpaper is not an option.

Brush quality is important

Car paint brush repainting 4 e1576339344181 cheap solution paint the vehicle with the brush!

When painting, a brush that is as fine as possible is recommended with regard to the bristles. You should also pay attention to the quality of the brush. Otherwise, especially with cheap brushes, there is a risk that the brush will lose individual bristles during painting. This can of course affect the optics later. When painting, you should always choose a direction, preferably from top to bottom. Under no circumstances should you constantly change the directions of streaking, unless you want it to look exactly the same at the end. When applying paint with a brush, you should also make sure that you always use an even amount of paint. After painting, the drying times must be observed by the manufacturer. And only then can you apply the last layer, namely the clear coat. Finally, it should be mentioned that if you have painted your car with a different color, you have to inform the registration authority, as it has to be entered in the vehicle documents. There is no need to do so if it stays the same shade.

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