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Professional car preparation: costs and procedure!

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Professional car preparation: costs and procedure!

[Update: 03.10.2023] This post was updatedto take more recent information into account. How much does a professional car preparation cost? A question that many have asked themselves. We would like to take up the topic in the following article. The professional car preparation makes for one gentle, professional cleaning of the car. During this, defects and damage are also checked and if necessary eliminates. The objective lies in the appreciation of the car. It is also called vehicle preparation title. But which ones Costs come to the customer during car preparation?

The car preparation

A car is used in car preparation visually and hygienically if possible in the original state set back. A professional car preparation company uses special cleaning techniques small optical Repairs through and removed odors. Sheet metal, paint and plastic surfaces are touched up. The professional car preparation is carried out by workshops. In some cases, however, car parts and interiors can also be used even be processed. However, this should be made dependent on the degree of pollution and the extent of the damage.

Professional car preparation: costs and procedure!

Exterior cleaning and interior cleaning

In professional car preparation, the workshop carries out the complete exterior and interior cleaning of the vehicle. The exterior cleaning includes the complete cleaning of the vehicle as well as the care of the exterior. The processing from Paint of the car as well as the Underbody and engine wash belong to. Professionals use special tools and cleaning agents for this. Sometimes this includes a special one Material care and the sealing with suitable care products. Another aspect of car preparation is interior cleaning. Car seats, carpets and upholstery are cleaned professionally. This also removes unpleasant odors as far as possible. Continue to be Minor repairs made during vehicle preparation. There will be scratches and scuffs on upholstery, paint, leather, plastic or writing eliminated and mended.

The time of the car preparation

The objective of car detailing is that appreciation of the car. The car should then be in the best possible condition. The car will also stay clean and better over the long term. When it comes to a new car, it makes sense to buy the car to prepare yourself. But the professional version can also be useful.

Car preparation makes sense if the planned Sales of the car is in front of the door, one Lease return pending and thus deductions and costs can be avoided or a used car was bought and the car should be upgraded visually and hygienically. Even if there are unpleasant smells or stains in the car, it makes sense to prepare the car to improve driving comfort. In addition, there is the repair of scratches, scuffs and other blemishes on the vehicle. Another point is that Preservation of value of a historic vehicle. Regular car preparation is also recommended here.

The limits of car preparation

Professional vehicle preparation can improve the value of the car. However, there are limits. These limits show up when Spare Parts or new covers make more sense than processing. If there are deep dents or scratches on the car or there is severe damage to the paintwork, car detailing no longer makes sense. Holes in the seat cushion that are over 3 cm long are difficult to repair, and the limits of car detailing are deep scratches in the rim or even cracks in the dashboard (over 10 cm). A workshop can give appropriate advice as to whether spare parts are necessary for the car. The specialist is best placed to decide when car detailing can be used and when replacement parts need to be obtained.

Professional car preparation: costs and procedure!

The cost of professional car detailing

The cost of professional car preparation depends on the Vehicle condition. Another point is the amount of work that is required to get the car back into an adequate condition. Other points that affect the cost are cleaning and the size of the car. At a car repair shop, the cost is approximately 50 EUR per hour. There are usually fixed prices for certain parts of the vehicle. However, a complete car preparation in the workshop is not always necessary.

The sub-areas for car preparation include:

  • The interior cleaning, the exterior cleaning, the engine cleaning, missing cleaning, the cleaning of the cockpit and the leather care and cleaning.

You should think from the outset which areas of the car should be cleaned. If, for example, nicotine smell is to be removed, the entire interior must be cleaned. Workshops often offer individually tailored cleaning options. However, the costs differ depending on the workshop. They can vary greatly. That is why it makes sense to compare different offers from workshops.

Professional car preparation: costs and procedure!

A car cleaning has a different duration, depending on the condition of the car and the desired areas that need to be cleaned. When cleaning the interior, there are only small things that need to be repaired, such as Coffee stainscleaning is completed within a few hours. Will be a complete Intensive cleaning the car stays in the workshop for up to 2 days. For this reason, you should inquire beforehand how long the cleaning will take.

Tip: Bugs, tar or resin on the vehicle? This will remove the dirt!

Insurance companies cover the cost of cleaning and minor repairs in car preparation not. The vehicle owner has to pay for the cleaning and preparation of the car himself. During repairs, the Comprehensive insurance grab, however, only if the damage self-inflicted has been. An example is a parking accident in which the car is damaged. Then the fully comprehensive insurance takes effect for the vehicle repair. If damage is caused to the property of others, the Motor vehicle liability insurance. Motor vehicle liability insurance and partial coverage take effect not in the event of damage to one's own vehicle. If an increase in the value of the car is to be achieved, fully comprehensive insurance also applies not.

The interior cleaning!

When cleaning the interior, the workshop cleans fittings, seats and footwells. If leather seats are available, they can be maintained with special means. When it comes to interior cleaning, there is Intensive care. With her, the entire interior is vacuumed and cleaned meticulously. The trunk, floor mats, cockpit, ventilation slots and side panels as well as the headliner are also cleaned. In addition, the slices cleaned from the inside.

Professional car preparation: costs and procedure!

The statement including the trunk is approximately 10 EUR. Removing dog hair can take approx. 25 EUR costs. The upholstery cleaning costs around 20 to 50 EUR and the odor neutralization is usually approx. 50-80 EUR. The cleaning of leather can be done at about 65-80 EUR and the leather care should be added again 25 - 45 EUR. Intensive care with complete interior cleaning costs around 100 - 150 EUR. Vehicle roof Cleaning has a cost factor of around 50 EUR.

The outside cleaning!

When cleaning the exterior, the body and windows are cleaned. In addition, the car paint is maintained and the rims cleaned. The cleaning of the windows is approx 10 EUR. The rim cleaning has a cost point of approximately 20 EUR. A hand wash can be carried out with approx. 20 - 40 EUR be estimated. A convertible top cleaning costs approximately 50 - 70 EUR and the High gloss polish is approx. 70 to 90 EUR. A complete exterior preparation can be done with approx. 250 - 400 EUR be estimated.

Professional car preparation: costs and procedure!

Paint and polish!

During the paint preparation process, the car is polished and sealed. The prices depend on the Condition of the car and the size. There may be other points to this. However, minor paint damage can be repaired and repaired yourself to save costs.

Professional car preparation: costs and procedure!

The engine underbody cleaning!

Within the engine cleansing oil and salt residues in the engine compartment and on the underbody are removed. In addition, there is the cleaning of dirt, leaves and marten droppings. Sometimes it is necessary to do a thorough cleaning Engine and underbody to undertake. The cleaning of the engine should always be done by a specialist. If it is carried out improperly, the car will be damaged. This is why manufacturers also recommend professional car cleaning. Carry out workshops professionally and gently. The engine is freed of dirt, oil and grease and the value of the car increases. A professional engine cleaning is done with a Pressure Washer or dry ice. With Dry ice can the engine wash at about 20 to 50 EUR lie. A Underbody washing costs about 30 EUR and the engine wash with the high-pressure cleaner is included approx. 40 EUR.

Professional car preparation: costs and procedure!

The smart repair repair

The term Smart Repair stands for “Small to Medium Area Techniques”. It is a term used for smaller repair methods. Small damage to new and used vehicles is removed here. These include scratches in the paint, dents in the door or scratches on the aluminum rims. The costs are damage-dependent and effort-dependent. The prices are therefore individual.

Professional car preparation: costs and procedure!

Scratches in the alloy rims could be up to approx. 50 EUR cost per rim if removed. The removal of scratches in the paint is approx. 40 to 60 EUR. To remove a hole in the fabric seat cover, you can approx. 50 EUR estimate. In the case of leather seats, the price is good 80 EUR. Plastic repairs are around 60 EUR and repairing damage to the windshield is approx. 80 to 100 EUR to rate.

Professional or self-made?

If you prepare your car yourself, you obviously save money. In the workshop, however, the cost factor is approximately 50 EUR per hour plus material. However, this aspect should be taken into account when it comes to the condition of the vehicle. If it is very dirty and small repairs are necessary that require special cleaning agents, tools and expert knowledge, then a workshop makes more sense. Also the Engine reconditioning should be carried out by a professional. If it's just small dirt or a blemish, you can have your own car prepared. And we have already written some tutorials on this.

The following cleanings can usually be done do it yourself

Professional car preparation: costs and procedure!

FAQ: professional car preparation:

1. What are the general costs of professional vehicle preparation?

  • Price range: The costs for professional car preparation range between 100 and 750 EUR.
  • Interior vs. Exterior Cleaning: Expect to pay 100-150 EUR for interior cleanings and 200-250 EUR for exterior cleanings.

2. How much time should you plan for professional car preparation?

  • Interior cleaning: One to two hours are required for professional interior cleaning.
  • Complete preparation: A comprehensive preparation may require up to two days.

3. What does the vehicle preparation process involve?

  • Application areas: These include, among other things, nicotine and mold removal, removal of organic contamination, as well as repairs and finishing of various materials and surfaces.

4. In which cases is car preparation particularly worthwhile?

  • Sale: When preparing for sale to increase the value of the vehicle and eliminate defects such as dents or scratches that could reduce the price.

5. What is the potential income of a self-employed vehicle detailer?

  • Income: The salary of a self-employed vehicle detailer can range between €29.000 and €42.000, with the average salary being around €35.000.

6. Is the job of vehicle detailer a recognized training course?

  • Job profile: Vehicle detailing is not an independent training course, but rather further training, which requires a completed journeyman's examination in a relevant profession.

7. How exactly does the car detailing process work?

  • Process: The vehicle is restored to an almost new condition through various measures, such as cleaning and repairing paint damage.

8. Should vehicle preparation be classified as a craft?

  • Craft: Yes, vehicle preparation can be viewed as a craft and is often carried out on different types of vehicles.

9. How can you prepare a car yourself?

  • Self-preparation: Various steps must be taken into account, such as cleaning the car and rims, cleaning the windows, preparing the moldings and door rubbers, cleaning the interior and caring for the paint.


Professional car detailing can significantly increase both the aesthetics and value of a vehicle. It is particularly recommended before a sale in order to avoid possible price reductions due to defects or contamination.

Professional car preparation: costs and procedure!

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Professional car preparation: costs and procedure!

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Professional car preparation: costs and procedure!

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Professional car preparation: costs and procedure!

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