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Car purchase Zurich - your partner for used cars

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You don't sell your car every day. Of course, there are various questions for laypeople. How do I get the best possible price? Do I sell privately or to a car dealer? Should I drive through the car markets or do I prefer to use one of the many online offers? How do I make sure I get my money quickly and reliably? Since a whole lot of money can hang on the car sales, this should not be taken lightly. Save time and money! We at AutoApurchaseZü pay fair prices and ensure swift processing.

Good money for good goods

When the time comes to part with your old car, you should do so on the best possible terms. We at Autoankauf Zürich are open to almost all car brands. No matter whether Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, VW or other manufacturers. We evaluate the overall condition of your car. What year is it? What is the visual impression? How many kilometers did he run? Have there been any accidents? How many previous owners did the car have? What repairs will be necessary in the foreseeable future? All of these criteria are included in the price that we submit to you.

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We are an established company with experienced employees who can reliably and quickly determine the real value of your car. For a non-binding and of course free offer, you only have to provide us with a few details. You can do this easily through our Online Form take care of. One of our employees will then get in touch with you immediately. In the following discussion, we will clarify all the uncertainties with you and explain how the purchase could be made. We are sure that we agree and we always strive to serve our customers to their satisfaction. We will of course leave the decision to you to decide whether you want to do business with us.

Our offer does not only refer to fully intact cars. If your used car has defects, it does not necessarily belong in the scrap. Of course, one has to take into account the different degrees of damage when pricing. The range here extends from paint scratches to engine damage. We take a look at this and estimate how much your used vehicle is actually still worth. We at Autoankauf Zürich are interested in all types of cars and are sure to find another use for your car as well. A sale abroad is also conceivable. And even as a car exporter, we can draw on a wealth of experience.

Fair price cash on hand

We are interested in doing business straight away. You don't have to wait long for your money with us. Based on our experience, we can fall back on routine processes and thus implement our offer promptly. Nevertheless, we see every customer with his used as an individual. Cars are our passion. Therefore, we want you to feel good about making a deal with us and to close the deal with the knowledge that you have done the right thing. You will find all the information you need on our website. If we have convinced you, we look forward to your inquiry.

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