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Advertisement Trend 2018 on these cars drive the Germans off


There are different, highly individual and personal reasons why a particular vehicle is now becoming a dream car. Luxury models, racing cars and classy bodies arouse the desires of many people anyway, but sometimes a dream car can also appear rather unspectacular and become a dream car due to emotional feelings. You never forget the first car, for example. If money didn't matter, most people would drive cars different from the ones they now have in front of the door / garage, but according to statistics, only about half of all license holders have a very special dream car in mind.

What are the typical dream cars of the Germans?

The dream cars of the Germans are as varied as the personal ideas and attitudes of everyone. There are differences between men and women as well as within the different regions. However, surveys allow conclusions to be drawn as to which cars are particularly attractive to many. The following vehicles, among others, are a dream of many Germans of the everyday production vehicles:

Bugatti Veyron

Mansory Vivere tuning Bugatti Veyron 15 Trend 2018 on these cars drive the Germans off

If you had 1 million euros too much on your account, you would in many cases get the 1.000 PS bolide Bugatti Veyron set. Immediately behind are various Ferrari models, preferably an F12 or an optional red or yellow Lamborghini Aventador. Here are the status and the PS number in the foreground.

Porsche 911

Porsche 991 Targa 4 GTS HRE 540C tuning 6 Trend 2018 on these cars drive the Germans off

The Porsche 911 as a sports car icon is the dream of many men. Depending on your taste, old or new, as a Carrera, GT3 or Turbo variant. Not least because of its history and distinctive design, a Porsche 911 is very high on the wish list. The 911 is closely followed by the Audi R8. Here, too, the horsepower is decisive for the fact that many call these cars dream cars.

Ford Mustang

GT500 Optics Tuning 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 2019 10 Trend 2018 on these cars drive the Germans off

The Mustang, which was once developed as a housewife's car, is also very popular with men today. While the classic variants from the 50s and 60s are very popular with both sexes, the newer models are primarily sought after by men. Not much is left of the housewife image today, the Mustang primarily stands for freedom.

Mini Cooper

ICON02 Mulgari Mini F56 Cooper tuning 4 Trend 2018 on these cars drive the Germans off

Women are a little more realistic when it comes to the feasibility of the dream car. The (“sweet”) Mini Cooper actually ranks first here. However, a Porsche comes close behind. Even if a Porsche, preferably a 1 model, is primarily the dream of many men, the Porsche Cayenne is particularly popular among German women. Probably also because, unlike a 911, it offers enough space for the family.

Of course, surveys are always only a more or less representative result. In most cases, the dream car remains a dream due to a limited budget, on the other hand, there are also older vehicles that are the dream cars of many not only because of their price, but also because of their rarity. Above all, the legendary Cadillac Eldorado should be mentioned here.

Cadillac Eldorado

1959 CADILLAC ELDORADO Trend 2018 on these cars drive the Germans off

The Cadillac Eldorado symbolizes the American dream. In the 30s it was considered the most exclusive American car par excellence, today you still have to dig deep into your pocket to purchase one of the rare, well-preserved original models from the 1930s. Later you could especially see the 70s models of the Eldorado in almost every American film, the series was built until the early 2000s. However, more recent models are rarely a dream car.

Alternative to purchase

It is not uncommon for there to be not just one, but several dream cars. However, very few can even afford a hobby like collecting expensive cars. Sometimes such vehicles are not only extremely expensive to buy, but also extremely expensive to maintain. For many, the attraction therefore lies in driving the respective car, but to maintain and maintain such a vehicle permanently does not necessarily make sense for many. In order to still be able to enjoy the wheel of his dream car and feel the satisfaction, You can also rent your dream car, So you don't have to commit to a specific model, but can drive other cars for a certain time from time to time. Whether this is just a day, a weekend or even long-term, numerous vehicle rental companies also have very unusual models to choose from.

At the end... Even if you can't ultimately take your dream car with you to the afterlife, you should definitely have lived some dreams.

Jaguar XJ6 Nicko McBrain Classic tuning restomod 1 Trend 2018 on these cars drive the Germans off

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