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Car tuning is no longer just for proles. Rather, tuning represents a trend that has spread far beyond the limits of the tuning scene in recent years. In the following we will tell you how five easy steps become a tuner yourself.

Tuning cars for beginners

First of all, the question arises as to which tuning cars are particularly suitable for beginners and are still good. Before you can start with the actual tuning, you need a suitable vehicle. The Opel Manta, BMW 3 Series, Mercedes 190 and the VW Golf were the most popular tuning vehicles in the 80s. However, almost every model can now be successfully tuned. The range of tuning components ranges from small cars like the Opel Corsa to the popular Audi A4 to luxury cars like the BMW 7 Series or the classic Porsche. However, the VW Golf or a small car such as the Opel Corsa or Ford Fiesta are still recommended as entry-level models. However, Japanese used cars like Nissan, Toyota or Honda are not a bad choice to start with either.

3. VW Golf MK7 GTI Barracuda Dragoon Silver

the plan

Before you get to work, you must ask yourself one crucial question: How do you want to tune and design your car? What should be tuned and how? This also includes knowing which methods or components are to be used for tuning. One Performance improvement is carried out, for example, during engine tuning. In cars with modern engines such as the BMW 3 Series or the Audi A4, this works simply via the Chiptuning. In rare cases, however, a simple improvement in performance actually requires tinkering or screwing on the motor. Suspension tuning deals with improving shock absorption and suspension. Among other things, that counts Lowering of the car for chassis tuning.

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Audis and BMWs are also popular models for lowering. But Volkswagen, Opel and Mercedes are also popular. Also included in the chassis tuning category wider tires and the attachment of individual Rims. And as the name suggests, it's all about body Tuning purely about the body of the car and hence the external structure and appearance. This also includes the Sports exhaust and one in particular Front- and rear spoiler, side skirts and also a conspicuous one paintwork or foiling.

Change requests and the budget

Once you know what changes should be made, there remains the question of Budgets open minded. New headlights or rims are cheap to buy depending on the vehicle and can often be fitted yourself. Chassis components or chip tuning, on the other hand, are expensive and should be installed by a specialist. Be careful with offers that are too cheap: There may be a rip-off lurking here and you should remain skeptical.

Compliance with traffic regulations

Unfortunately, not everything that pleases is allowed in car tuning. A tuned vehicle can increase road safety and, above all, the safety of your tuned vehicle not be affected. The components used must have various approvals or the changes must be checked by the TÜV. In addition to a fine, it quickly threatens revocation of the operating license, if the parts are not properly installed or do not have the necessary approvals. With a general type approval (in short: ABG) or general operating permit (in short: ABE) components such as tires, rims and spoilers are often delivered.

General operating permit ABE approval tuning

You must carry this permit with you in the vehicle after installation has been completed. If a combination of different components is considered, you should check whether this combination is also approved and whether the components fit together at all (keyword: mutual influence in combinations of changes). If there are any ambiguities, contact the Society for Technical Monitoring (GTÜ for short), the TÜV or the testing organization KÜS. In addition to Dekra or KüS, they are suitable contact persons. Larger structural changes such as chip tuning must be carried out by a state-approved expert, regardless of the ABE or ABG individual acceptance checked and approved will. The changes are reflected in the Vehicle documents noted.

Manufacturer warranty

What many do not know: The manufacturer's guarantee of the vehicle may be affected by tuning go out. Therefore, before installing components, make sure that they have an impact on the vehicle warranty. It is worth taking a closer look at the guarantee conditions. The situation is similar when it comes to insurance. Here you should check whether the Insurance protection despite car tuning persists. Some insurers insure components free of charge up to a certain value. The prerequisite for this is the necessary approval and proper installation. In principle, however, an increase in premium is possible due to the increase in value of the vehicle. And an increase in the performance of the car often has a new one type class As a result, higher insurance premiums may also be due. Therefore, always inform your insurance company about changes to the vehicle. If you do not comply with this obligation to report, the insurance company can assume the costs in the event of a claim verweigern.

The pro helps

Tuning beginners should get the support of a professional at the beginning. If you tune your car legally, you have to make sure that the components are installed correctly. The individual components must be approved for the corresponding car model and have the required approvals. If there are no approval papers, you should distrust the offers. You should always have the chip tuning carried out by a professional tuner. With this measure, software accesses the vehicle's complicated engine electronics and changes other processes in addition to the injection quantity of the fuel. If the software is not 100 percent tailored to your vehicle, there is a risk of increased wear or, in the worst case, other failures. A engine failure due to excessively high temperatures is also possible.

Your entry into the tuning scene is your first, individualized vehicle. Therefore, find out more about other tuning options on various websites and in relevant forums. You will learn how to properly assemble components yourself and how to improve your vehicle. Always keep your distance from illegal tuning without permits and most importantly before illegal car racing.

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Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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