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Car vibrates or wobbles while driving - why?

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Car vibrates or wobbles while driving - why?

A few weeks ago we gave you our information report "The fight against annoying noises in the vehicle“Informed about the most common causes of annoying noises. But what if the car vibrates or suddenly starts shaking wildly while driving? Then creaking noises from the dashboard suddenly become a minor matter. The vehicle's “uneven” feeling can have different causes. We at tuningblog give an overview of the possibilities.

The wheels are out of balance

Car vibrates or wobbles while driving - why?

Imbalance means that the tires are mounted unevenly. This means that the bike cannot run perfectly. If all four wheels are unbalanced, this is noticeable by vibrations or wobbling in the steering wheel. However, this vibration can only be felt at a higher speed. It is important to differentiate between speed. Vibrations at a speed of 85 to 130 km / h indicate an imbalance in the front wheels, while at 130 to 160 km / h it indicates the imbalance in the rear wheels. The wheels can be balanced in a workshop. The imbalance is compensated for by mounting small weights on the rims. If successful, the wheels will then run smoothly again. This has the advantage that tire wear is reduced. How much the balancing cost depends on the material and the rims. Also whether the wheels are changed at the same time. Ideally, all wheels should be balanced at the same time. Generally, the price is between 30 and 60 euros if the wheels have to be dismantled for balancing.

A defective dual mass flywheel (DMF)

Car vibrates or wobbles while driving - why?

If the dual-mass flywheel is defective, strong vibrations and unusual noises can occur when the engine is running. In principle, the DMF ensures that the vibrations that occur when engaging and disengaging are cushioned. That is why it is located between the engine and the gearbox as a further development of the classic flywheel. If the DMF is defective, only an exchange will help. This is comparatively complex, since the entire transmission usually has to be removed. That's why it's worth it in this case Have the clutch replaced. Problems with the DMF are known above all in the VW T5, early generations of the T6 and the VW Caddy 2K.

The drive shaft is defective

Car vibrates or wobbles while driving - why?

The drive shaft, which is also known as the side shaft, is the connection between the transmission and the driven wheel. It is therefore part of the drive train. If the steering wheel vibrates back and forth while driving, this can be a sign of a defective drive shaft. Problems with the drive shaft are known primarily in the VW Touran 1T, the 1-series BMW E8 and the Audi A4 B8.

The brake disc hits

Car vibrates or wobbles while driving - why?

It is possible that the brake disc has received an impact if the vibration occurs only while braking. As a result of this impact, the brake disc cannot run as usual. This is shown by the fact that the steering wheel vibrates or shakes when braking. In some cases it is possible to use the Unscrew the brake disc. If this is not possible, the brake (Discs and pads) must be completely replaced on the affected axis.

The wheel bearings are defective

Car vibrates or wobbles while driving - why?

The wheels are dependent on their wheel bearings in order to be able to turn freely and without resistance. If these are defective, it manifests itself as a humming sound that increases continuously with increasing speed. It can also cause vibrations. In some cases the wheel bearings can be adjusted. However, if the wheel bearing is defective, it must be replaced with a new part. Known for problems with the wheel bearings are the Audi A4 B8, the VW Passat 3BG and the Ford Mondeo MK4. But the Opel Astra H and the Opel Zafira B are also known for their vulnerability to wheel bearings.

The engine mount is defective

Car vibrates or wobbles while driving - why?

Motor Bearings serve the purpose of absorbing the vibrations of the engine. They create a flexible connection between the engine block and the vehicle body. A strong vibration when idling can be a sign of a defective engine bearing. Many engine bearings are electronically controlled and store a corresponding error in the error memory. But it's not a standard.

Can I continue to drive my car?

If the car vibrates, it is important to isolate the problem. As soon as it is known when the vibration occurs, the nearest workshop should be visited and the critical speed should be avoided. A defective DMF, for example, could result in expensive consequential damage to the transmission if the problem is not resolved quickly. In the worst case, however, a defective wheel bearing can cause the wheel to lock. A defective drive shaft, on the other hand, can break.

What effect does the vibration have on the TÜV?

Since no test drive is made during the main inspection, the vibration, which only occurs during the journey and without any other symptoms, has no effect on the TÜV. If, on the other hand, the engine is not running smoothly or the engine is clacking, the problem can have a negative impact on the TÜV. That would be the case, for example, if the exhaust gas values ​​are noticeably high as a result. But of course also if the vehicle vibrates and wobbles noticeably on the roll from the brake test. More information on the subject of "uneven engine running" Is there ... here!

Car vibrates or wobbles while driving - why?

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Car vibrates or wobbles while driving - why?

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Car vibrates or wobbles while driving - why?

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Car vibrates or wobbles while driving - why?

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