Car window frozen from the inside? So it will be free again!

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Windshield frozen on the inside: De-icing trick Is the car window frozen on the inside? So it will be free again!

Winter is here and with it come the icy temperatures. It is not uncommon for the car window to freeze from the inside. This is not only annoying, it usually happens when you are in a hurry and you have the least time to do it. But long puzzles are useless and scratch the inside, certainly not at all. There is usually a logical explanation why the pane freezes over from the inside, and at the same time a simple trick how you can free the windshield from the ice.

Why does the car window freeze from the inside?

The main reason for this is moisture in the interior. It has several causes, such as: B. Too much moisture on clothing or wet floor mats. If it is snowing or raining outside, the moisture is carried into the car. It doesn't matter whether it's wet clothes, like jackets or shoes, or the umbrella that you put somewhere on the back seat or in the door shelf. The result is frustrating and you don't know what to do in a hurry.

Windshield frozen inside Trick, defrosting, ventilation A car window frozen from the inside? So it will be free again!

How can you prevent moisture?

Better safe than sorry. With a little rethinking, you can arm yourself for the future. It is advisable to have wet clothes in the trunk to stow instead of in the front passenger seat. Wet floor mats should be taken into the house or apartment so that they can dry overnight. If you get into the vehicle, it also helps to knock off your shoes beforehand. And that doesn't just apply to the driver, but of course for all inmates.

This simple trick provides a quick remedy!

If you start scratching with a cloth (take advantage of inside should not the conventional ice scraper) does not get any further, but has to drive off quickly, only one thing helps. Turn the fan towards the disc and open all doors. Other possibilities are:

  • hot-water bottle place on the dashboard until the engine produces warm air
  • heater Place in the footwell of the car and connect with an extension cable (do not leave the vehicle alone)
  • de-icer Use carefully in liquid form and apply with a sponge, for example. (Note ventilation from the interior)
  • Against moisture in winter also helps Newsprint under the floor mats that you change frequently
  • One helps against moisture in winter Dehumidifier pillows (can be reactivated in the microwave)
  • One helps against moisture in winter Granular dehumidifier (Camping needs)

Of course, the engine has to be running. Even if warming up is actually not allowed. In this case it is of no use and a fine procedure in such a situation is almost impossible. If the pane thaws slowly, then you have to use the thawed water remove from the pane with a cloth and the problem is solved. Make sure that no liquid just runs into cracks and disappears. There's a lot of electronics under the dash and water can be a big problem.

What you should definitely not do!

Many know and own one De-icer spray. This may help on the outside of the windows, but unfortunately it also contains poisonous gases that are not suitable for use in the interior. And as already mentioned, the ice scraper should also be inside do not apply. A good ride!

Winter car, second car, winter car, car for the winter Car window frozen on the inside? So it will be free again!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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