Winterizing the vehicle: this is how it's done!

Anyone who drives to work every day needs a car that works well in summer and winter. In October, before the first frost, it's time to die winter tires wind up and winterize the car. You can have this done by a workshop, or you can go through the following steps with a checklist yourself so that the car starts and works well even in winter. After each bullet point we also have Additional links inserted with even more information.

Winterize the vehicle!

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  1. Tire change from O to O
  2. Is the car battery still charged?
  3. An oil change before the frost?
  4. Disk scraper for a clear view
  5. What do the wipers look like?
  6. Frost protection for the cooling system
  7. don't forget the door seals
  8. lighting is also important
  9. check the vehicle's braking system

Tire change from O to O

Next Drivers should be aware of the first frost winter tires be out on the streets. That is Regulation in Germany. Otherwise, if an accident happens on a slippery road surface, there is a risk Reductions in benefits with car insurance and fines. the Winter tires still have to have a tread depth of 4 millimeters exhibit to be effective. Legally, however, only 1,6 millimeters are sufficient. There are measuring devices for this in workshops. But you can also do it yourself with one 2 euro coin check. In the case of the 2 euro piece, the edge of the coin must disappear in the profile. Test the tread depth all around on all tires. With mild winters are also All-season or all-weather tires an option. You don't need to change them because they are designed for changing temperatures and weather conditions. "Back to overview

Is the car battery still charged?

Before the start of winter is also the Battery to check in the car whether there is still enough power available. If necessary, it must exchanged will. You can in a Workshop, to the TÜV or to do ADAC drive to have it checked. There you can also get the lighting system have it checked. Because in winter it is particularly important that all lights on the vehicle work. The service is often free. In case of an emergency or for safety, please lay yourself in Booster cables or even one Battery charger in the trunk. "Back to overview

An oil change before the frost?

Since the engine oil becomes thicker in winter, an oil change is necessary useful. Even if there is still time until the next oil change, it can make sense to bring the appointment forward. There are also special winter oils for homes with extreme low temperatures. Such oils remain fluid even in the cold. "Back to overview

Disk scraper for a clear view

If the car is not in a garage, you will often have to scrape the windows off in winter before you set off. A ice scraper is helpful in this. According to the road traffic regulations, you are not allowed to drive off before everyone Ice-free slices are. Snow on the car roof and the windows must also be removed. Before it freezes at night, the washer fluid for the windshield wipers must also be used Windshield antifreeze be replenished. Otherwise the pump and the spray nozzles of the windshield wiper system could freeze in winter. You can also store the antifreeze for the windscreen washer system in the trunk if you are driving longer distances. PS: Telescopic handles or integrated whisk are comfortable. "Back to overview

Info: If you have to scrape off the windshield, please clean it first Wiper blades with a rag. This can prevent scratching from dirt particles.

What do the wipers look like?

Old, worn windshield wiper blades leave streaks and you can no longer clean the window properly. When the sun is low in winter, this is a safety risk. At latest every two years you should have the wiper blades changed during the inspection or change them yourself. Sometimes the wiper blades freeze firmly to the windshield. This can shorten the service life. That's why it's best to cover the windshield with one in the evening disc cover away. So that the wiper blades do not freeze. Careful handling prevents freezing and you get to work faster in the morning. "Back to overview

Frost protection for the cooling system

So that the cooling system from the engine works well in winter, there is also a Antifreeze in the cooling system to fill in. but CAN'T that for the windshield washer system! Commercially available Antifreeze are designed for temperatures in winter down to -25 ° C. This means that you are usually on the safe side. You can also use the antifreeze from a Inspection let fill up. If you want to fill it up yourself, you should note the following: the coolant antifreeze has the manufacturer's specifications, the liquid may only be mixed with distilled water and the engine should be cold when you fill it up. "Back to overview

its general Door seals do not forget

Before winter they are too Door seals to maintain. For the Rubber seals there are special care products that keep the seals supple so that they do not freeze. You're welcome in Rub in the frost with care products and not just afterwards. With a non-resinous oil, you can frozen door locks prevent. A small bottle Graphite also helps if the door locks should be frozen. A Door lock deicer can also be stored in a handbag, in the house or in the office. Because a place in the car is unfavorable if all the doors on the car are frozen. "Back to overview

lighting is also important

In addition to the actual function of the car headlights, it is also theirs correct setting important. Therefore it is recommended to Light test to go to the workshop. If the headlights are set incorrectly, the road is poorly lit or oncoming traffic is dazzled. Both are risky. It is also important to check that the headlights are clean before driving. Mud, snow and splash water quickly contaminate the headlights in winter. As a result, their luminosity is significantly reduced. "Back to overview

check the vehicle's braking system

Of course they have to Brakes work without problems. So you should check them regularly, not only in the dark season. This is best done when changing tires. Are the brake pads and discs still fully functional? Is there any rust? Are the panes smooth and have no cracks? Grooves or grooves indicate that you may have the coverings have to renew. Also the state of brake fluid must be controlled. If the brake fluid is too low, a workshop must be consulted, as this is a sign that there may be a leak or that the brake pads are particularly worn. "Back to overview

If you are well prepared, you can drive a relaxed car in winter

Please work through the points on the checklist, before the frost is coming. the Functionality of the vehicle must also be guaranteed in winter, for your own safety and the safety of others. When everything is done, you can drive a relaxed car mornings and evenings even in winter. We also have the following a couple of videos for you! "Back to overview

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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