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For a narrow budget - paint the car with the roller

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Auto Roll Paint Brush Tuning 1 e1560855485639 For a small budget, paint the car with the roller

Do you want to give your car a new look? Normal car painting is not an option for you because you want to make it individual and cheap? Then you should consider the possibility of painting using a roller. But there are numerous ways of painting. There is paint and spray, foiling and just rolling. First of all, it should be said that no matter which variant you choose, you should not expect to get a perfect result, as an experienced and professional painter with good equipment or a foil achieves. Nevertheless, the variant of rolling presented below is an opportunity for the layperson to get a remarkable result for little money.

Advantages: Paint the car with the roller

Auto Roll Paint Brush Tuning 3 For a small budget, paint the car with the roller

An advantage of car painting with a role is the low cost. With only a few resources available in a larger hardware store. Another advantage is that the handling of the roller or brush can be mastered by almost anyone. Thus, even less experienced tuners can achieve an acceptable result, without long training. With a roller almost all types of paints can be applied. Thus, you can easily mix the desired and individual color. By using a roller, the painting result is usually more uniform and constant, compared to the brush or untrained on a spray gun / spray bottle without spray booth.

Disadvantages: Paint the car with the roller

Auto Roll Paint Brush Tuning 4 For a small budget, paint the car with the roller

A disadvantage of the paint with the role is that you often can not get in very winding and difficult places and therefore has to work with the brush. This can lead to the paint being dirty and stained. Another disadvantage is that smooth coatings are often not feasible. One should be aware that the paint finish will be rather dull, which is simply due to the process. The danger of a so-called organ skin of the paint is more than likely. Furthermore, normally many parts have to be removed or taped laboriously. This is also the case with a proper paint job!

What to look for when painting the car with the roller?

Auto Roll Paint Brush Tuning 2 For a small budget, paint the car with the roller

If you paint the car with the roller, make sure that you spend most of your time preparing. A good preparation of the car and the workplace is more than important. Then you should make sure that the vehicle is sparkling clean and fat-free and also the working environment dust-free and protected. To varnish by roller you should different roles (of course with a brush painting different brushes) to choose from. In addition to different sizes and lengths, the material is crucial. A fuzzy roll, a foam roller or a latex roll. Depending on the desired surface finish, select the appropriate roll. It is also important to make sure that you select the right paint and the car before freeing of all bumps, loops and processed with primer to get a correspondingly good painting result. Damage should also be rectified immediately.

the steps are often identical

Auto Roll Paint Brush Tuning 5 e1560856323642 For a small budget, paint the car with the roller

You should also carry out the work step of applying the paint in a closed room with as little dust / dirt / air turbulence as possible and, depending on the paint used, wear a suitable protective mask. In addition to the desired color, the costs of cleaning material, masking material, tools and also the disposal of paint / masking paper etc. should not be underestimated. If you plan to paint the car with a brush or with a compressor and paint gun, the work steps are almost identical. With the spray gun, however, working in an enclosed space without a corresponding trigger is in no way recommended. You can find more information about this in the countless tutorials that you can find on YouTube & Co.

To professionally paint a car is a high art

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  1. It is interesting that painting the car with a roller can lead to such good results. It is clear that this cannot have anything to do with professional painting by a professional, but I am pleasantly surprised by the result. Post-processing with the brush at one point or another naturally causes inhomogeneities. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It was not clear to me that in principle you could also paint the car with a roller. Stripes certainly remain and the optics will not match the quality of a professional paint shop, but for a small budget this may be worth considering. I think that I would prefer a proper paint job in the paint shop for my vehicles.

  3. Good to know that you can paint a car with a roller. That should definitely be practical and convenient! I would like to repaint my car and inform myself about the topic in order to understand whether I can do the painting myself. Interesting contribution, thanks! I will definitely keep your comments in mind!

  4. I didn't know that you could paint a car with the roller. I think it's great that there is very little work. My brother likes to restore cars, I'll ask if he paints it for me.

  5. Thank you for the great contribution to car painting! My nephew is currently looking for a painter who will give his car a fresh, professional coat of paint! Good to know that varnish can also be applied with a roller or brush, should there be a need.

    • Hi, it will of course only get "professional" to a limited extent with a roller or brush 🙂 But no matter what it is, we wish you every success!

  6. Tobias Müller

    Thank you for the contribution to car painting. My sister has some scratches in the paint and doesn't want to go to the car paint shop. Good to know that as a layman you can also paint the car with a roller and the result is relatively even so that you don't have to be ashamed of the result.

  7. Wow, I never thought that you could paint your car on your own. Let alone with a scooter. Good advice that good preparation is more than important. Personally, I prefer to go to the paint shop, but good tips to think about, thank you.

  8. I would never paint the roller because the difficult areas remain uncolored. This paint job also looks spotty and dirty. Thanks for the tips and types of car paintwork!

  9. Interesting that I can also repair paint damage myself. I didn't even know that there were numerous ways of painting. When I painted my walls I got on with the roller quite well, why shouldn't that work with a car?

  10. I can't believe that people paint their cars themselves. I don't think it's bad with old vehicles, they don't have to shine. But I would always put newer cars in the car repair shop. It would be a shame if, despite the effort, the result is nothing.

  11. Painting the car with a roller is a good thing. I don't dare to paint my car on my own and I have a major paint job on my lowered Corsa. Maybe I'll try a small spot first.

  12. Thank you for the information about painting a car. My car needs to be painted. I'm going to look for a professional who can help me paint my car.

  13. What a helpful article on the subject of professional car painting! It's all really good to know. I will take the information to heart for the future.

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