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Carbon and everything you should know about it!

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Carbon, carbon, carbon! Everything seems to revolve around carbon tuning. But what exactly is carbon? What types of carbon are there? We would like to answer a few questions with the following article. Carbon is a widespread term and a wide variety of names such as "Real carbon","Carbon fiber"Or"Full carbon“Occur often, especially in the tuning area, but usually cause confusion. There are also designations such as "carbon fiber"Or"CFK". Therefore we have summarized the important information about carbon in this article.

Carbon and what you should know!

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  1. What does "carbon" mean?
  2. How is carbon made?
  3. What are the properties of carbon?
  4. Classic carbon (body)
  5. Forged carbon
  6. Ferrari or linen carbon
  7. Formula 1 carbon
  8. Colored carbon
  9. Finish / sealing of carbon
  10. Which carbon fiber fabric is the strongest?
  11. genuine carbon
  12. carbon fiber
  13. Full carbon
  14. Carbon foil
  15. Water Transfer Printing
  16. CFK / CFRP
  17. Hand lamination
  18. Injection method
  19. Wet prepreg
  20. Dry prepreg
  21. How dangerous is carbon?
  22. What material is carbon?

What does “carbon” actually mean?

In general, abbreviations such as “carbon” or “carbon fiber” are used to denote carbon fiber reinforced or carbon fiber reinforced Plastic used. "back

How is carbon made?

To Mixing: from Fiber composite Carbon (CFRP) Carbon fiber needed. Such carbon fibers are nothing more than reinforcing fibers that are too 95 Prozent consist of pure carbon and made into one Epoxy or polyester resin existing Plastic matrix be embedded. A small note on the side: If we use the term "Real carbon" then we mean products that are made exclusively from real carbon fiber consist and not of Imitations or films were manufactured. "back

Manufacturing carbon Carbon and everything you should know about it!

What are the properties of carbon?

The combination of the two different original components makes carbon so valuable. Since the two original components complement each other perfectly in terms of their properties, it stands out CFK through clearly improved Properties like a higher rigidity and strength out. Besides protects The plastic matrix protects the fibers from harmful influences from the environment and at the same time ensures a perfect distribution the acting forces. "back

Below is a brief overview of the different types of carbon:

Classic carbon (body):

  • Probably the best known and most widely used type of carbon in the automotive industry is Body fabric type (2 × 2 body fabric type twill weave), Which mostly with a shiny finish is offered. Because of her diagonal running pattern through which the two thread systems alternate twice overlap, their name comes about. This type of carbon is used at the factory mainly in Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. "back

body carbon carbon and everything you should know about it!

Forged Carbon:

  • As a Forged carbon (forged carbon) becomes one of Lamborghini developed carbon fiber composite, which was first used in Lamborghini sesto elemento Found use. In contrast to conventional CFRP materials, Forged Carbon is based can not be on long, but on short cut and pressed Plastic fibers. The structure of Forged Carbon is very reminiscent of one Camouflage look"back

Forged Carbon e1611924291247 Carbon and everything you should know about it!

Ferrari or linen carbon:

  • With this so-called Canvas structure (1 × 1 plain weave) it is the am closest woven carbon structure which available is. Through the alternating Crossing of the thread systems creates a checkerboard-like Pattern, which is also responsible for the naming. This carbon structure is mainly used in vehicles from the company Ferrari used. Hardly anyone knows, however, that they are also for that Carbon roofs of the BMW M series is used. "back

Ferrari or Linen Carbon e1611924421743 Carbon and everything you should know about it!

Formula 1 carbon:

  • This carbon type promises through its coarsely woven body real motorsport character. Thanks to the coarser woven pattern, this can also be seen from a distance. This type of carbon owes its name to the fact that it is also used in most racing cars formula 1 is used. Many components of modern Formula 1 cars such as this HALO, the monocoque, the steering wheels, the aerodynamic parts or various chassis components are based on the light material and the special structure. In addition, that will Formula 1 carbon also for making the Domstrebe Used in the engine compartment of the BMW models M2 Competition F87, M3 F80 and M4 F82 / F83. "back

Formula 1 carbon e1611924511566 carbon and everything you should know about it!

Colored carbon:

  • There are different possibilities colored carbon to obtain. Coal is now Blackso the carbon is first too Black. But painting the carbon component in color gives the surface a different look. The structure of the carbon fiber is retained and, if done well, it is even highlighted. This effect is particularly evident when exposed to sunlight. However you should can not be Put on colored clear lacquer. In the long run it has no color stability and yellowed. Alternatively, there are also variants with colored resin. For example as Carbon fiber blend or less good than cast in resin Plastic material. "back

colored carbon e1611924609818 carbon and everything you should know about it!

Finish or sealing of carbon parts

Of course, this is also decisive for the appearance and quality of carbon parts sealing, the so-called Finish. This protects against harmful UV rays and others Environmental influences. You can choose between a shiny clear coat or a semi-gloss clear lacquer choose. "back

And which carbon fiber fabric is the strongest?

In direct comparison is one 1 × 1 canvas fabric type more natural not so strong as a 2 × 2 body fabric type. Why is easy to explain: If the carbon fibers come under tension, the fibers try to straighten each other again. Due to the special arrangement of the pattern in a Canvas weave, however, the fibers can can not be just pull, but be on top of each other or under each other pressed. As a result, the fabric can hardly withstand strong pressure and tears. With a 2 × 2 body weave can more tensile strength be achieved. "back

Overview: another term related to carbon

genuine carbon

  • A frequently used type of carbon is also the so-called real carbon. However, this designation only signals that real carbon fiber and none Fiber imitation or films were used. "back

carbon fiber

  • As the name of this type of carbon suggests, they are called carbon fiber all for the user immediately visible parts or Applications designated. A good example of carbon fiber is the Surface bonnet. The decisive factor with carbon fiber is one first class optics. Therefore, the yarn filaments in the laminate should always straight or parallel run. "back

Seat trim carbon seat cover seat shell cover Tuning 2 carbon and everything you should know about it!

Full carbon

  • Another type of carbon is Full carbon. Full carbon components have to 100 Prozent carbon fiber getting produced. In the case of full carbon parts, a basic shape made of GRP is also used waived. Full carbon brings enormous savings in overall weight, but is reflected in the price. "back

Carbon foil

  • Carbon foil is an inexpensive substitute for other types of carbon. By using carbon foil you can get a cheap carbon fiber reminding look be created. On closer inspection, however, the film lacks the well-known depth, which is also known in technical jargon as 3D pattern referred to as. Likewise she brings no weight advantages (on the contrary) with it, as the film has to be applied directly to the components. "back

Carbon foil e1611924754253 Carbon and everything you should know about it!

Water Transfer Printing

  • Another inexpensive Alternative to full carbon are with Water Transfer Printing applied carbon pattern. As with carbon foil, however, this technology can no Weight advantage (here too a rather minimal disadvantage) can be achieved. Another disadvantage is that optical Impression, because mostly are with Water Transfer Printing applied patterns worse than, for example, a carbon film. "back


  • The two abbreviations CFK and CFRP stand for "carbon fiber reinforced plastic"Or in English for"carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic". Carbon fiber reinforced plastic or CFRP is considered one Type of hybrid / semi-carbon part. Two different components / materials are required here in order to obtain a high-strength, light and inexpensive component made of carbon. A CFRP component can be extremely strong and cheap prepreg to manufacture. "back

CFRP Carbon Carbon and everything you should know about it!

The process technologies in detail

In addition to the different types of carbon, there are also different types in the automotive industry Process engineering for use. We would like to introduce these briefly:

Hand lamination

  • The simplest and oldest Process engineering is called Hand laminating designated. Since only minimal technical requirements have to be present, this technology is suitable for small series and very simple component geometries. But how does this technique work now? In hand lamination, as the term suggests, every fiber by hand soaked in resin with a brush or roller. This is followed by rework such as Sanding, painting with clear lacquer or similar activities. A Disadvantage However, this technique is difficult to get through ultra-light parts can be produced. "back

Hand lamination carbon and everything you should know about it!

Injection method

  • This process technology impresses with it Price-performance ratio and delivers right at the same time quality Results. In the course of the injection process, the fiber is placed in a mold and sealed with a bag or a vacuum film. Then follows the If required, priming or impregnation.. The resin is poured into the mold at a pressure of up to 20 bar injected"back

Wet prepreg

  • Next Dry prepreg also counts Wet prepreg the highest quality processes in the production of carbon fiber products, which are also used in Formula 1 and in aviation. In the course of a Prepreg process a fiber is used which is already coated with a special resin pre-impregnated has been. In this way, the resin content in the fabric can be easily controlled and the construction of ultra-light parts becomes possible.
  • Especially in the production of Carbon front lips, Trunk lids or Rear diffusers and Spoilers Wet prepreg is used. The name of the technology comes about because a precisely dosed amount of resin is poured directly over the fabric and the structure becomes wet. Then the carbon either hardens room temperature off or will the Gebäck."back

Dry prepreg

  • As with the wet prepreg process, the Dry prepreg process Resin used to make the fabric stabilize. With the dry prepreg, however, a special resin with dry Properties used, which is absorbed into the tissue. In this way it arises no excess resin and a so-called "dry“Appearance. In order to better protect the fabric, the components are usually with clearcoat overdrawn.
  • However, the dry prepreg process still requires than Work steps: Every shift has to separately deducted and the dosage of the amount of resin must be very precise so that the articles do not sticky will. After molding, the parts need several hours at a Temperature of 120 ° C to be baked. This complex production is also reflected in the price. Therefore, dry carbon parts are mostly clear expensive as wet carbon parts. The decisive factor, however, is the extremely high weight loss that is caused by the dry prepreg process with constant strength can be achieved. Therefore, for high-end tuners there is no way around dry carbon. "back

dry prepreg carbon and everything you should know about it!

More details about carbon as a material

How dangerous is carbon?

  • It is high strength and light. But it can be dangerous in an accident. When carbon cracks, it arises more poisonous Dust. And where steel deforms rips and splinters Carbon. And when carbon starts to burn, the resulting microfibers are similar in size and effect Asbestos. Carbon microparticles released in a fire penetrate deep into the lungs. "back

What material is carbon?

  • “Carbon” is an abbreviation and the correct name is carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Carbon is therefore a composite material (material mix). "back

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