Converting the carburettor engine to injection, is that possible?

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Carburetor tuning double carburetor 4 e1572506845912 Convert carburetor engine to injection, is that possible?

We are often asked by interested readers whether a conversion of Carburetor on injection, especially in terms of fuel savings and increased performance, is worthwhile. And many ask themselves whether you can perhaps do such a conversion yourself. Unfortunately, we can answer all of these questions not flat rate answer, as the result can be different due to many factors. After all, there are innumerable Vehicle types / engines and also many different ones Kits / variants for the conversion are available on the market. Nevertheless, with the following text we would like to superficially cover the topic Convert the carburettor engine to injection scratch something.

Use examples to compare:

With a V8 engine with many hours of operation, yes a bit older, with moderate compression values, at an outside temperature of 25 - 27 degrees Celsius and a speed of 3.000 - 3.500 rpm, a saving 20 to 30 percent can be achieved. However, at a speed of over 4.600 rpm. the savings are only included about 10 to 15 percent. This means that a "normal" driver who only drives his car at full speed for 5 out of 100 operating hours will be happy with a conversion. On the other hand, a user with “lead feet” who drives a lot at full throttle is probably less satisfied.

Converting the carburetor to injection Converting the carburettor engine to injection, is that possible?

In the next example it is a newer V8 engine with few operating hours and good compression values. At an outside temperature of 13-15 degrees Celsius you can achieve savings of 3.000 - 3.500 rpm with this about 10 percent. Above 4.500 rpm. but it is possible that an injector (EFI / Electronic Fuel Injection) even more consumed than the carburetor. In doing so, the injector pulls more and more. When the outside temperature is even higher, for example above 25 degrees Celsius, the same engine is used again more economical than the carburetor. Even if it is only about 5 % Saving acts.

The best result - the MPI injection!

Converting carburetor injection MPI e1638271089708 Converting carburetor engine to injection, is that possible?

The best results are usually with a MPI injection achieved. Provided that the injection has been set optimally. The fact is that in an injection engine, the required amount of gasoline is optimally adapted to the various ratios of air pressure, load and temperature. However, in this case you have to go with it higher acquisition costs and with one higher effort calculate during installation. Therefore, an MPI injection is only worthwhile in cases that involve a Maximum performance to reach. This is often the case with the popular Big Block V8 the case.

Do it yourself possible?

freely programmable injection system it is possible to install it yourself, but not recommendedbecause some things can be done wrong when setting the injector. If the setting is only estimated or adjusted by feeling, optimal function will be significantly impaired. The injector is then with a high probability not run optimally.

Converting carburetor injection MPI 2 converting carburetor engine to injection, is that possible?

Example: Let's take a new system from Holley with a Broadband lambda probe. This has two cells, a pump cell and a sensor cell, so one as clean as possible exhaust gas value is achieved. The target parameters can be freely selected with this system. And due to the learning mode, an incorrect map is even optimized automatically based on the exhaust gas values. However, because there are still too many basic settings in the software, it is almost the same for hobby mechanics impossibleto commission such a system correctly adjusted. An incorrectly set tick in the submenu is sufficient for the system doesn't work that wayhow it should.

Converting carburetor injection MPI Holley Avenger converting carburetor engine to injection, is that possible?

Holley has recognized this problem and offers the so-called Avenger systems at who only the most important parameters can be selected, but we do not recommend installing it yourself. There are just too many options in the software setting. And is absolutely necessary next to one Throttle adjustment also measuring the fuel pressure. Of the Throttle adjustment is not too difficult to carry out, but it can be done if, for example, the Idle control motor incorrectly positioned is significant Functional restrictions cause.

What is usually rebuilt?

  • possibly the cylinder head
  • possibly the intake manifold
  • possibly the fuel supply / prefeed pump / main pump / return
  • possibly the complete engine wiring harness
  • possibly the control unit
  • possibly the fuel pump

Important key data of a Holley Avenger central injection:

  • Successor to the "Commander 950" system
  • adaptive map adjustment via broadband lambda probe
  • Calibration using a broadband lambda probe
  • Learning mode is optimized independently while driving.
  • Learning parameters can remain active at all times.
  • Delivery: Control unit with LCD display, constant starts, constant idling, fuel savings of up to 30% compared to carburettors at medium speeds
  • optionally available: electronic ignition

Alternatives to retrofitting!

  • Motor replacement: An alternative could be to replace the old carburettor engine with a newer one with fuel injection. In other words, the entire engine is simply replaced. Many manufacturers first installed carburettor engines and then perhaps brought the same type of vehicle onto the market as part of a model upgrade with an injection. Often the displacement has not changed as a result. An entry of such a motor replacement is usually possible without any problems. Of course, the effort involved in swapping should not be underestimated. The add-on parts in particular can, but do not have to, be a lump-sum fit.
  • Electronic carburetor: An electronic carburetor (electronically controlled carburetor system / ECOTRONIC) can also be an alternative to converting to an injection system. However, this option is only available for a few vehicles such as the VW Golf II.
  • Central injection

Carburetor cleaner Injection cleaner Carburetor Clean Fluid 3 Converting the carburetor engine to injection, is that possible?

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Carburetor tuning Double carburetor 3 Converting the carburettor engine to injection, is that possible?

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