That's why cars are one of the greatest inspirations in gaming

Widebody Porsche Taycan White Sensation Rendering 1 This is why cars are one of the greatest inspirations in gaming

Cars can not only be eye-catchers on the road, but also virtually when gaming. With the advent of the first video games, supercars and conventional cars played a major role in the design of games and special features from the start. Over the years, the games became more extensive, more sophisticated and offered gamblers more and more opportunities to design their own racing cars, to pimp them and to compete against clones from the real world. Why do cars attract gamers so much?

Cars make dreams come true

Each player has their own answer to this question. For many, it is simply a dream to drive cars that one could never afford in normal life. Or it is the urge to simply roar over all possible landscapes without speed limit. Possibly it is also the feeling of security, because even if you have your car Need for Speed If Hot Pursuit goes to waste, fear nothing but lose the race. You don't have to struggle with car insurance and it doesn't get expensive either.

Need for Speed ​​Heat Tuning Game 3 That's why cars are one of the greatest inspirations in gaming

Cars and especially supercars make you dream and because they can be so versatile, admired and individual, they are perfect for video games and other games. They bring action and adventure and that for a small price or even free of charge for some games.

The best video games of the last ten years

As a player, you quickly stay true to your favorite game, but it is always worth trying out new games. Anyone who loves car racing should know the games that have gained international popularity over the past decade. Above all, Forza Horizon 4 should be mentioned, which was launched in 2018. An extremely diverse selection of supercars races through the British countryside here and lets the adrenaline level rise.

With Mario on the race track

8 Mario Kart 2014 is also a contender for the title of best racing game in the last decade. There is less here Bugatti and Co as Mario in his funny racing box. There is still no lack of action. GT Sport should of course also not be missing, because the video game from 2017 fulfills many a wish of all Gran Turismo fans.

Mario Kart e1599726702127 That's why cars are one of the greatest inspirations in gaming

Dirt Rally 2.0 is therefore dirty, because here you drive through the mud away from well-kept roads. It's fun and gives new life to the off-road adventure. Of course, we don't want to leave F1 2019 unmentioned, because among video games it is the game that comes particularly close to reality. At F1, you can get behind the wheel of the racing cars that otherwise only Lewis Hamilton and the other Formula 1 stars take.

Car racing on the reels of slot machines

The primary goal of video games with cars is to win the race. If you are looking for even more action, you will also find special kind of games in the online casino. Instead of driving laps, you do laps on reels. Slots also use the gripping topic of cars and also offer the opportunity to win real money.

If you want to try something other than car racing, you will find the Rizk slot machines the solution. Games like Good to Go, Green Light, and Racing for Pinks are fun alternatives with great opportunities to win. The slots have a lot of action, bonus features and adventure in their luggage, which ensures good entertainment.

No console necessary

You don't need a console or a gaming computer for this, because the slot machines can be played on the go with a mobile phone or tablet. The best slots for car racing are optimized for mobile browsers. So you can easily call them up if you have some time left and want to try your luck at the slot machines. As always, however, it is important to play responsibly and take regular breaks.

The Diamond Casino Resort Screenshot 2 That's why cars are one of the greatest inspirations in gaming

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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