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Online tuning meeting at the casino in GTA 5: The best cars that have been spotted

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Diamond Casinos Resort GTA 2021 e1614679337109 Online tuning meeting at the casino in GTA 5: The best cars that have been spotted


The grand, grand opening of the Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA took place in July 2019. This is a sprawling entertainment and luxury residential complex in Vinewood and is open to all residents of southern San Andreas. Your pleasure comes first here: Be it to meet up with friends as part of an event, such as an online tuning meeting, or simply to find peace in your personal penthouse.

The famous GTA Casino "The Diamond Casino & Resort"

Numerous activities for all tastes can be found on the casino floor. Everyone can try their luck at Diamond Casinobe it in roulette, blackjack and three card poker. In addition, there are slot machines where additional chips and a number of special prizes can be won. For those who have never played in a casino before, there is a guide for beginners, with which the entry into the game is easier.

GTA5 Inside Track Online Tuning Meet at the Casino in GTA 5: The Best Cars That Have Been Spotted

However, the Diamond Casino does not only offer games, there is also the "Inside Track" option to take part in a single event or a main event. Here you can cheer on your favorite horse together with friends, while the Lucky Wheel, which is a daily free-to-spin promotion, wins a number of prizes: from GTA $, special discounts to exclusive items of clothing and a weekly selection of high-end vehicles on the lobby podium.

At Diamond Casino & Resort, the standard GTA membership is $ 500. This includes a welcome gift of 5.000 chips and access to various services and activities the casino has to offer, including parking facilities. In addition, everyone - including the members - who visits the casino receives a daily visitor bonus of 1.000 chips, which can be redeemed at the cash register.

Vehicles, tuning meetings & races

There's always something going on at the Diamond Casino. Regardless of whether the new vehicle is presented at the meeting in the covered parking garage or the valet service is used - new vehicles that you own can be adapted. Vehicles and related tuning parts are available in the showrooms of Southern San Andreas Super Autos and Legendary Motorsport.

GTA5 Obey 8F Drafter Online Tuning Meeting at the casino in GTA 5: The best cars that have been spotted

While the Truffade Thrax super sports car was initially available for purchase and won as a lucky wheel prize in the opening week, there was also the Obey 8F Drafter sports car, the super sports car Annis S80RR and Enus Paragon R and the highly customizable Weeny Issi Sport as well the Vapic Cracara 4 × 4 from Southern Andreas Super Autos.
The list of available GTA Online casino cars keeps growing. After this Start of the GTA Online Cayo Perico Heist update more vehicles were added to the list in December. A military or specialized theme runs through most of the new GTA Online cars. So far, the GTA Online Toreador has been a hot ticket. Players have staged this unique amphibious vehicle that you can keep in your submarine headquarters and that quickly transforms between a submarine and a sports car.

Tuning meeting: The GTA online Vapid FMJ is on the podium

This week, the GTA Online Vapid FMJ is on the podium, and with its engine and body made of 90% carbon fiber and 10% patriotic feel, it accelerates from zero to 60 in the blink of an eye this gem want to own in their collection, they should spin the wheel of fortune.

There are also a few more GTA online casino cars available now:

  • Grotti Itali RSX Sports Car - $ 3.465.000 ($ 2.598.750 trade)

San Andreas Super Cars:

  • BF Weevil Compact Car - $ 870.000 ($ 652.500 trade)
  • Dinka Veto Classic Go-Kart - $ 895.000
  • Dinka Veto Modern Go-Kart - $ 995.000
  • Vapid Slamtruck Vehicle Tug - $ 1.310.000

Warstock Cache and Carry:

  • Mammoth Squaddie SUV - $ 1.130.000
  • Pegassi Toreador Dive Car - $ 3.660.000
  • Vapid Winky Jeep - $ 1.100.000 ($ 825.000 trade)
  • Vetir Truck - $ 1.630.000 ($ 1.222.500 trade)

Some of these vehicles are linked to the GTA online casino. The players can collect these by reaching certain milestones during the casino missions and raids or by getting the great luck on the wheel of fortune by winning the vehicle on the podium. As for the tuning meetings, these are organized privately and your own vehicles can then be demonstrated there.GTA Vetir truck online tuning meeting at the casino in GTA 5: The best cars that have been spotted

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