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The cheapest variant of the rims: these are cast rims!

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Mazda MX 5 Roadster Bodykit Swap 3 The cheapest variant of the rims: These are cast rims!

If you have decided to buy rims, you can choose from a wide range of prefabricated components or get creative yourself. Regardless of whether you own a small, a large or a sporty vehicle, with rims from the accessories you can partially upgrade it and make it an optical eye-catcher. This type of modification gives you the opportunity to express your individuality. There are many ways to modify your rims. In addition to different colors, you can also choose, for example, a matt or glossy look. There are also countless possibilities of foiling, you can give a rim a so-called Stickerbombing miss and also the elaborate chroming is usually not a problem. It is also possible to choose between different shapes, materials and sizes. The difference to the standard component is that modified rims often avoid a boring appearance of vehicles and create your own driving experience. Next forged wheels, multi-part rims or the so-called Flow forming rims there are still the relatively simple cast wheels.

Cast wheels vs. Forged wheels

Cast rims Forged rims Flow forged difference e1591072145706 The cheapest variant of the rims: These are cast rims!

In contrast to forged alloy wheels, cast rims do not have their origins in racing. Such rims are not manufactured using hydraulic presses and in general it can be said that a cast rim is significantly less stable, not as light and less suitable for the sporty driver. Really high-quality materials are rarely used for a cast rim, and the compression is also significantly lower compared to the forging process. Because of this, the surface finish of a cast rim is also of less quality. The relatively simple way of producing cast rims can result in material inclusions and pores. A cast alloy wheel is up to 40% heavier than a forged wheel and the higher weight also results in somewhat poorer braking properties. But this type of rims is much cheaper and higher quantities can be produced in a short time. Cast rims can only be manufactured in the dimensions in which the prefabricated shape is available. Multi-part designs cannot be realized with cast grouting.

How can you tune the vehicle?

Lorinser Chiptuning RS12 rims Mercedes V class Vito W447 3 e1591072390695 The cheapest variant of the rims: these are cast rims!

You can of course carry out minor tuning measures yourself, but for larger changes you should rather consult a specialist. Basically you can choose between aluminum, Carbon, magnesium- or also Steel rims choose. However, it is better to use aluminum rims for tuning, since these currently allow even more diverse designs and are often the cheapest option. In addition to the significant weight advantage over steel rims, aluminum rims are also more resistant and durable. Rims are available, for example, with V or cross spokes, and you can also opt for one concave Decide form. Concave shapes are very popular. They are curved inwards and give the vehicle a sporty look. They look bigger and more dynamic. In addition to shape and size, you can also change color aspects. Electroplating is becoming increasingly popular. This creates a special effect, the rims get a clear, futuristic shine. The galvanizing also achieves a higher heat resistance.

What do you have to consider?

Not all modifications are allowed in Germany. In the case of impermissible rims, there is a risk of a fine and insurance cover is void. It is therefore very important to know what is allowed and what is forbidden. There is no general ban, the vehicle should remain roadworthy and an operating permit must be available. Rim and tire size must meet certain approval criteria. A rim that is not installed ex works must be noted in the vehicle documents. Extremely large rims are often not just allowed. The rim must not protrude from the side of the vehicle. Illuminated or luminous rims must be approved by a testing organization. LEDs on the rims are not allowed while driving if you want to continue to legally participate in road traffic. However, it is possible to have such changes checked and approved by the TÜV in individual cases. The application of paint to the rim is permitted, but luminous paint that acts like a light source or reflects light is not permitted. The type code number and the axle load are also very important for the tuning. These indicate which rims can be fitted at all.

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1986 Hartge H28 BMW 3 Series Coupe E30 Tuning 6 The cheapest variant of the rims: These are cast rims!

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Flowforming rims manufacturing process tuning 3 e1591068771946 310x165 The cheapest variant of the rims: these are cast rims!

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