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Hub cover tuning? These are the possibilities!

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BMW M6 Gran Coupe F13 Tuning ADV10 Carbon Bodykit 5 Hub Cover Tuning? These are the possibilities!

Detail work is extremely important when tuning. Not only large body kits, complete paintwork or extreme lowering are popular, small details such as a darkened emblem or chic hub caps in the rims are also part of the tuning. And now we would like to show you a few ideas for tuning the small caps. Because the hub caps on the rims are quite interesting for the tuning area. The hub cap is often provided with the vehicle manufacturer's logo. The manufacturer's logo is also present on rims that are sold ex works with a vehicle. The hub cap represents the cover on a rim and is suitable for tuners for individualization.

Wheel hub caps with logo

Wheel hub caps Tuning wheel caps Hub caps tuning? These are the possibilities!

Anyone who buys a vehicle with aluminum rims usually has the manufacturer's logo or an emblem on the manufacturer (Mercedes, VW, Audi, BMW and others) refers, installed as a hub cover. Hub caps from various car manufacturers can also be found in stores. Regardless of whether you want an Audi hub cap, a VW hub cap, a BMW hub cap or an item with a different manufacturer's logo, interested tuners will find what they are looking for on the Internet and in specialist shops. Original or not, we'll leave that out here. However, hub caps with the manufacturer's logo are nothing special. If you want to create a tuning vehicle with that certain something, you usually look for special designs and try to upgrade the vehicle visually and in terms of performance. For many tuners, it's about customizing the vehicle and introducing personal style when tuning. Tuners therefore also use special designs for hub caps.

Hub cap tuning - many possibilities

Hub caps tuning Wheel caps 4 Hub caps tuning? These are the possibilities!

Hub caps are available in many colors and with various emblems in specialist shops and in various online shops. So there are hub caps in Red, in Blue and in all other colors. The articles are available as a set with 4 or 5 caps and can also be purchased individually, for example to equip each rim with a different-colored hub cap. There are also hub caps with different colored manufacturer emblems. For example, wheel covers are also available in red versions with the well-known Audi logo. This of course also applies to other manufacturers such as BMW & Co. If you don't have individual hub caps and want to quickly give the rims their own touch, you can, for example sticker use to match the rim cover to the vehicle tuning. If the rims are to be exchanged cheaply, then a universal rim cover is advantageous, which can also be equipped with a sticker. Stickers for hub caps are available in specialist shops.

a third-party hub cap

Audi RS Q8 Lowering Vossen EVO 5R EVO 4 Tuning 14 Hub Cover Tuning? These are the possibilities!

Furthermore, there is the possibility of universal hub caps foil or to paint. Both the foiling work and the painting should, however, be done carefully and if possible by tuning professionals. After all, paint and film should last a long time and not be damaged immediately after the vehicle has been used for the first time. Another possibility to modify the hub cap is the option of installing the manufacturer's cap on an accessory rim. Of course, this only makes sense if the rim actually comes from the relevant provider. Suppliers such as Vossen Wheels, ADV.1-Wheels, Rotiform, Z-Performance, Messer-Wheels etc. have chic manufacturer logos that are applied to the supplied lids. Often, however, the supplied lids are replaced by suitable manufacturer lids with the vehicle's brand emblem. That is of course a matter of taste. There are other possibilities chroming, Gild or any kind of Sprühfolierung. The latter can be completely retrofitted (removed) if required. The absolute highlight for us are the so-called Spinner Caps Hubcap. They are also available for many vehicles and, in the case of Rolls-Royce or BMW, even optionally ex works.

What to look out for when tuning the hub cap?

When tuning the hub cap, attention should be paid to quality. Paints, foils and hub caps that you buy must be of high quality so that they last as long as possible. High-quality rim caps are not only more durable, but are often also available in intense colors and shapes. Anyone who buys high-quality rim caps and, for example, original hub caps from the vehicle manufacturer, usually also receives good customer support and good product instructions. The right contact for suitable hub caps is a specialist dealer for car or tuning accessories. Specialist dealers can also advise on individual hub caps and show the various options. Unusual colors should also be available through a specialist dealer. There are essentially no legal restrictions. It goes without saying, however, that any kind of lighting or point and sharp-edged variants are illegal.

BMW hub cover, fixed tuning, spinning caps, tuning? These are the possibilities!

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go hub cap tuning? These are the possibilities!

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