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The central locking adapter - rare but there is one!

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Central locking rims Centerlock adapter tuning 2 The central locking adapter rarely but there is!

The central rim lock comes from racing and is rarely used in private cars. The central lock makes it possible to change the bike very quickly. The type of wheel change is known, for example, from the pit lane in formula races or the DTM. The pit stop is very quick and the wheel is changed in an extremely short time. Central locking wheels are therefore usually only found on racing cars. Cars with this rim variant that are approved for road traffic are also available. The Porsche GT2 RS or some Lamborghinis such as the Aventador SVJ are known. Tip: New rims for the car? It is important to pay attention to this before buying!

Central locking adapter

Central locking adapter, central fastening The central locking adapter is rare, but it does exist!

Such a closure can also be viewed or named as a central screw and central nut. When you open this connection, the wheel is released from the vehicle and can be quickly removed and quickly reattached. With commercially available rims, however, 4 or 5 wheel bolts must be loosened to remove the wheel. A central lock enables enormous time savings, as is required in races. The central lock is fastened or tightened against the direction of rotation of the wheel. A left-hand thread can therefore be found on the right-hand side of the vehicle. In private cars, as mentioned, such a closure is rather rare. However, there are a few adapters available in the tuning area with which such a central lock is also possible for vehicles with normal wheel hubs. However, the adapter widens the offset a little. Furthermore, the question should be clarified whether such an adapter or such a closure makes sense at all for the private sector or whether a rim with a "Central lock Optics“Wouldn't be a better choice. After all, you can only tell the difference when you remove the hub cap. Nevertheless, you can rely on a rim that is then also suitable without body work. With the adapters that could be scarce.

Central locking - no advantage without a pit lane

Central locking adapter, central attachment 3 The central locking adapter is rare, but it does exist!

Neither the original central locking nor a central locking adapter from the accessories has any real advantage outside of the pit lane. Hardly anyone stops in traffic to change a bike extremely quickly. In any case, an adapter is not worthwhile because of the small amount of time it saves. And the adapter is almost never necessary in order to be able to install a very specific desired rim. After all, there is a high probability that the desired rim will also be available with a "Central lock Optics“And traditional third party fastening method. Rims with central locking are indeed eye-catchers and are therefore interesting for the tuning area, but the difference to the dummy with central locking is not really visible. Only the conventional screws are of course not available in the real version. With the dummy, however, these disappear behind the rim cover.

Central locking - what are its disadvantages?

Only a few manufacturers of central locks for rims also offer their articles for the tuning and private sectors street legal on. The selection of suppliers of rims with central locking is therefore small. Another disadvantage is that the central locking system usually requires two people to change the wheel. The second person operates the brake permanently while changing the wheel. The central lock is not suitable for everyday use and also requires special tools to remove and re-mount wheels. Many tuning workshops also do not offer the required special tools. A car can get such a lock with a central lock adapter, but the driver or the vehicle owner should think carefully about such a variant. If you are interested in a central locking adapter, you should ask the tuning workshop you trust about suppliers and advantages and disadvantages. Especially with regard to the eligibility. If you want to be on the safe side, and at the same time little effort, the best alternative is that Central locking dummy. Only one thing should be avoided -> build the central locking optics yourself!

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Central locking adapter, central attachment 2 The central locking adapter is rare, but it does exist!

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DVB T2 TV tuner TV car digital 3 310x165 The central locking adapter rarely but there is!

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slamstop closing aid Softclose comfort lock% C3% 9Fen 4 e1577086335885 310x165 The central locking adapter rarely but there is!

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2018 BMW M5 F90 MotoGP Safety Car Tuning 9 310x165 The central locking adapter is rare but it does exist!

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Bruder Offroad Camper EXP 4 EXP 6 Trailer 4 310x165 The central locking adapter is rare, but it does exist!

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Tow truck salvage vehicle 3 310x165 The central locking adapter rarely but there is!

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Verivox tuning blog credit 12 The central locking adapter rarely but there is!

go The central locking adapter is rare, but it does exist!

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