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The cheap alternative - the central locking dummy!

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Central locking dummy Centerlock e1577180887949 The cheap alternative the central locking dummy!

The central lock is used in racing and is used to remove a complete wheel extremely quickly and to mount a new wheel very quickly. In contrast to commercially available rims, which are fastened with 4 or 5 screws, the central lock has only one central lock screw, which can be removed with a special tool. This saves time and is normal at the pit stop. Central locks are generally not used in the tuning area and for private cars. Still gives one Central locking rim a sporty appearance, which many tuning enthusiasts appreciate. With a central locking dummy, the tuning enthusiast does not have to do without the sporty exterior.

Dummy - racing look for private use

Central lock dummy Centerlock Tuning The cheap alternative the central lock dummy!

A central locking dummy for the rims of a car is to underline the motorsport look. The articles are available in different versions and from different manufacturers. Of course, the dummies do not lead to a real central lock, but are merely an optical tuning. A central locking dummy is attached to the original rim. The screws or the attachment of the rim and the wheel are not changed. In the trade, the dummies are offered to match certain car models. For example, there are dummies that are specifically designed for Porsche or BMW rims.

Dummy - with antitheft available

Central lock dummy Centerlock Tuning 3 The cheap alternative the central lock dummy!

If you want the racing look on your car and are looking for a way to imitate the central locking system of racing cars, then you are in the right place with a central locking dummy. The articles are a real eye-catcher and can be purchased specifically for a car brand or a car model. The product weight of a central locking dummy is usually very low. The interested tuner has the opportunity to purchase a variant that is equipped with an anti-theft device.

Central locking dummy - what to look for when buying?

When buying a central locking dummy, attention should be paid to the suitability of the rims. The article should fit on the corresponding bike and should be equipped with an anti-theft device. Such a dummy is not a functional component. The price should therefore be commensurate with the performance. Tuning enthusiasts can ask, for example, in the tuning workshop on site which dealers offer central locking dummies for the rims and deliver a decent quality. The articles should also be made of qualitative, durable and corrosion-protected materials. Aluminum is often used as the base material. The dummies are powder coated or otherwise refined to be weatherproof and robust. By finishing or by a powder coating a central locking dummy is also available in colors other than silver. For example, the tuner also has the option of acquiring such a dummy in black, carbon or simply as desired and individually adapting the sporty look to his car.

new rims with central locking optics

And of course there are also rims from the accessories that are directly equipped with a central locking dummy. For example, the manufacturer OZ, BBS, Tomason and many other suppliers offer high-quality rims with a central locking optic. The rims are available in every conceivable size and the shape and material can vary. And it is not uncommon for one to be Full carbon rim is equipped with a central locking optic and the same applies to rims magnesium.

Central locking dummy - conclusion

With a central locking dummy, tuning enthusiasts can make their car look more sporty. The rims look like racing variants and can contribute to the overall look of the tuned car. A tuning workshop can recommend suitable dummies or complete wheel sets. Only one thing should be avoided -> build the central locking optics yourself! We hope that you the info report on the topic / term Central locking dummy (further names / keywords: center lock dummy, center fastening rim dummy, hub cover dummy, hub cap dummy, racing rim dummy, central locking dummy, central fastening rim dummy, central locking cap dummy, central locking design, central locking rim dummy, central locking optics) from the field of autotuning. Our goal is that the largest German-language tuning dictionary (Tuning Wikipedia) and to explain tuning terms from A to Z easily and understandably. Almost every day we expand this lexicon and how far we are, you can HERE see. Soon the next one will be Tuning scene concept be illuminated by us. By the way, you will be informed about new topics if you have ours Feed subscribe to.

Central lock dummy Centerlock Tuning 4 e1577181238166 The cheap alternative the central lock dummy!

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