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Nice look but little use - Zentralverschlussfelgen!

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Central locking rims Centerlock adapter Tuning 1 Stylish look but little use Central locking rims!

A central closure for rims can usually not be found on the vehicles that drive on the public road. This is namely a device for a particularly fast wheel change from racing. And such quick wheel changes usually take place only when pit stop at the racetrack. One finds Zentralverschlussfelgen therefore almost only to racing cars. But also some sports cars like the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ or the Porsche GT2 RS, which are approved for normal road traffic, have such a device. More precisely, this is not a closure as it is perhaps presented to bottles. Rather, the central closure for rims is a central nut or central screw. If this is solved, the wheel can be removed from the vehicle or fastened. And very fast. This is not comparable to a normal wheel change. Instead of the 4 or 5 small wheel bolts Only one big mother needs to be solved. And the central locks are usually tightened against the direction of the respective wheel. A left-hand thread is then on the right side of the vehicle.

No big everyday benefits

Central locking rims Centerlock adapter Tuning 2 Stylish look but little use Central locking rims!

For the use outside the pit lane is no real advantage to recognize a central locking system. Because in reality, it looks like you usually do not stop at the side of the road and quickly change your bike with a roadworthy car. And most vehicles today do not have a spare tire anyway. In the sports car, where such a central closure for rims exists, such a spare would not fit. So it would have to be dragged a complete rim with tires. But where does it go with a super athlete? In addition, it is nonsensical to change the entire bike. It is sufficient in the case of damage usually change the tire. Unless the rims are damaged as well. Optically, such a rim with central lock but an eye-catcher. Because of the optics usually disturbing five screws on the rim are not present here. Although you can yourself "tune" the wheel boltsHowever, a central closure remains a central closure.

Disadvantages of the central attachment

There are only a few manufacturers who offer a central lock for rims. That means the selection of rim suppliers is not large. Above all, the selection of 18-inch rims, such as those drawn on racing cars, is very limited. The main disadvantage is that a second person is required to change the wheel. This must be on the vehicle brake permanently while changing the wheel. If you didn't know it, that's the job of the racing driver in the pit lane when the mechanic changes the wheel. At least if it is not a four-wheel drive vehicle! And this is precisely what makes the central locking system for wheel rims not suitable for everyday use in a roadworthy car. The driver is often in a sports car, namely alone. In addition, special tools are required and even tuning workshops do not always have this at hand. And also one Central locking adapter has all of these disadvantages. In addition, there is the fact that the rim with the adapter moves significantly further outwards. A good alternative is that Central locking dummy as we think. Only one thing should be avoided -> build the central locking optics yourself!

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Central locking rims Centerlock adapter Tuning 3 Stylish look but little use Central locking rims!

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