Change air filter - all important information at a glance!

Anyone who already moves an older vehicle, or simply likes the service like that oil change or the change from Interior filter done by yourself, it will surely one day Air Filter want to change on their own. But when should you actually change the air filter? The air filter is a component that over time exchanged will set a link from your homepage to The so-called permanent filters dar - these only have to getting cleaned. The intervals at which the replacement or cleaning should be carried out varies from vehicle model to vehicle model. In general, however, it can be said that a exchange or one Cleaning 40.000 up to 60.000 Kilometers is needed.

Change the air filter - this is how it works!

  1. Open the bonnet (secure) and locate the air filter box. It is often equipped with an "Air Filter" or a symbol.
  2. At the Diesel vehicle, if possible pull out the plug of the air mass meter. It is directly connected to the box.
  3. Depending on the vehicle model Suction dismantle.
  4. to open of Air filter box. Often closed with two to four clamps or screws or nuts.
  5. Old air filter remove. Can be disposed of with household waste.
  6. Possibly dirty air filter box with a Wipe the rag.
  7. New air filter insert correctly. Usually it only fits in one direction.
  8. Screw, nut or clamp fasten again.
  9. Suction put it back in the opening.
  10. At the Diesel vehicle the material moisture meter shows you the Plug of Air flow meter back into the socket stecken.
  11. Start the engine with the hood open. Accelerate a few times and that noise respect, think highly of.
  12. Get out and Überprüfen You the Idle speed.
  13. Is everything OK, was the Change successfully.
  14. bonnet schließen.

change the air filter prematurely

The exchange usually takes place in the routine inspections instead of that from the manufacturer anyway the vorgeschrieb are. You can find more detailed information on the intervals in your service book or by Handbook of the vehicle. An exchange can also be made completely independent of the "normal" change intervals other reasons become necessary. In the following we would like to explain in more detail what reasons these are:

  • unusually strong pollution of the air filter and others Damage (for example gerissen or buckled)
  • Vehicle no longer has the full power
  • Sounds in the air filter box
  • Message in Fault memory, for example "Air mass value implausible"

How is the air filter changed?

As a rule, changing the air filter is one relatively simple Job. The filter consists of Paper (Cotton or foam filters) and has a very fine structure. He is in the filter box, which in turn in engine compartment can be found. The exact position of the air filter naturally varies from vehicle to vehicle differently, nevertheless, in most cases it is easy to find and also easily accessible. Most of the time, too not many Components are dismantled - for example, it is often only necessary (if at all) Air hose of the throttle valve to expand. Either one is used to dismantle the cover click closure or a few screwswhat the Withdrawal of the old and dirty filter. Throughout the process, you should definitely take care of one Penetration of dirt in the open Intake zu prevent. It should also be borne in mind that some vehicles are over two air filters feature. A change should be made in this case discord consider both filters happen.

The change of the air filter may be proportionate simple appear, nevertheless the exchange should be done in a specialist workshop. This is because mistakes in installation can cause the engine to Dust or Schmutz attracts, which can ultimately result in consequential damage. An incorrectly closed air filter box can also be used for False air be responsible and at worst to one engine failure .

What about the costs?

The pure ones Material costs for changing the air filter are approximately 10 up to 60 Euros, whereby in the upper price segment there are mainly those vehicles that are above two filters feature. There are a few manufacturers of air filters, but the best known are companies like Filtron, Mahle, man and servant. Then there are those labour costs the workshop. In most cases, an air filter change takes place in between 10 and 30 Minutes in claim. If we count on an hourly wage of 50 up to 120 Euros go out, we come to labor costs of approx. 10 up to 60 Euros. So in the end you have to deal with costs 20 and 125 Euros calculate, whereby experience shows that the actual costs are more likely to be lower end this range.

Consequences of a dirty or damaged filter?

An pollution of the air filter can, for example, a deteriorated performance of the engine result in what the lower air supply underlying. This can ultimately lead to a increased fuel consumption come. If things go bad, one can extreme constipation of the filter even lead to the Engine fails. If the filter is damaged, it will suck in dust and dirt no longer properly filtered out. That can be done in Damage an Motor and turbocharger result.

A possible alternative: the replacement filter

Some manufacturers have so-called Replacement filter on offer. This is a Filter folderwhich you clean and thus reuse can. This will save you the regular Purchase of a completely new filter. However, you usually pay for such a replacement filter More than for a conventional one Disposable filters - the prices start at about 40 Euro at. However, this increased price can be worthwhile after a few years. A Replacement filter It is particularly worthwhile if you are mainly driving off-road with a vehicle, as the load is related to Schmutz and Dust is of course correspondingly higher.

A sports air filter for more performance

A so-called tuning measure is often used Air Filter built in to the acceleration and optimize the sound of the engine. There is much debate as to whether such a filter actually brings something - and it increases proportionally coarse structure the risk of the filter running quickly verschmutzt. As for the installation, a ABE otherwise the aisle is closed TÜV or DEKRA Obligation so that the part can be removed and entered there. Note that by no means all sports air filters in this country legal are.

What should I consider in general?

  • You should use the air filter during inspections regularly change to let.
  • Is the filter strong verschmutzt or damaged, the increases fuel consumption and the power of the engine deteriorated themselves.
  • The change should be one if possible Specialist workshop left.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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