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Topic load securing - so you are on the safe side

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Cargo securing Transport securing Tuning Topic Cargo securing So you are on the safe side

If you want to carry something in your vehicle, then you should definitely study the regulations for proper load securing. Insufficient security measures endanger you and other road users. You can choose from a variety of options and equip your car or your pick-up with the appropriate load securing accessories. The following article will introduce you to the most common types of security for your luggage, cargo and animals.

Which load must be secured?

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According to the fine catalog, the declared permissible total load (Total weight) of the vehicle are not exceeded. It is also important to worry about the optimal load distribution. Because the wrong alignment and positioning of the transport goods, it can come in the worst case to the axle break or at least to a vehicle that can be maneuvered much harder. To ensure that all road users remain intact through the transport of cargo, special regulations apply.

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For example, the load must be secured in such a way that it does not slip even if the brakes are hard. If you have a protrusion of 1 meter, 1,50 meters or even more from the load, you have to clearly see this with a red pennant (Flag) to mark. If the load protrudes up to 3,00 m from the trunk, you may travel a maximum of 100 km. According to the regulations, you have to indicate this protrusion with a pennant or a flag that is at least 30 cm in diameter. Remember that animals are also considered cargo. For the four-legged passengers, seatbelts, mesh boxes or nets should be used.

Which backup options are there?

Anti-slip mat Tuning Topic Load securing So you are on the safe side

Anti-slip mats: The mats generally prevent the flying of objects in the vehicle. Bottles, cell phones, newspapers and shopping bags quickly become a bullet in the event of emergency braking. With anti-slip mats, the objects almost always remain even during heavy braking and do not slip.

Clinched Widebody Kit Hyundai Veloster Roof Box Tuning 4 Topic Load securing So you're on the safe side

Roof rack + roof box: In a roof box that is installed on a roof rack, for example, bulky items can be stowed well, taking into account the permissible roof load of your car and the total weight.

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Rear view hardly affected

Grid (fixed grid in the vehicle): The grid are usually firmly integrated and depending on the vehicle and model in the optional equipment of the manufacturer selectable. The bars are mounted between trunk and rear seat and are ideal for transporting large dogs. But they are also quite useful for suitcases and large bags. Again, they fulfill the purpose that they do not let the luggage become a projectile.

Webbing Cargo securing Tuning Topic Cargo securing So you are on the safe side

Gurtbandnetz: The net is stretched over the transport goods and with the help of the one in the trunk Lashing track system appropriate. There are different variants and materials here. In any case, attention should be paid to a well-known manufacturer and the corresponding reviews of the product. When in doubt, such a network can save lives.

Edge Protection Angle Load securing Tuning Topic Load securing So you are on the safe side

Edge protection: With an edge protector you can secure sharp, angular transport goods. For this you put the angles on the edges of the cargo parts.

Belts Cargo securing Tuning Topic Cargo securing So you're on the safe side

Tension belts: Tension belts are a particularly common variant of load securing. You can lash your goods with a lashing strap. Such a belt is available in different strengths and variants and can sometimes hold several tons (in a truck). At the end... Protect yourself, your passengers and other road users with the right load securing. Pay attention to the instructions for load distribution and protect your vehicle. Always keep in mind that animals are considered by law to be Thing be scored and you have to secure your items. In the event of an accident, parts lying around in a car can become dangerous. Always drive on the safe side and drive in the future with a secure feeling when you transport your cargo.

countless accessory parts are available

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