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Safety for the little ones - the child seat in the vehicle!

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Child seat baby car seat tuning e1577685280190 Safety for the little ones the child seat in the vehicle!

Children are not a commodity, but the greatest good! We have nothing more. And if you want to take children with you in your car, you can't do that without a child seat. A child seat is primarily used for a child to sit securely, but height is also important. A child sits through a child seat, namely significantly higher in the car. This is particularly advantageous with regard to the belt, since the increase ensures the best possible safety in the event of an accident. If a child seat were not available, optimal protection with the belt would not be possible, since the child can then slip out.

Requirements for a child seat

Child seat baby car seat Tuning 2 Safety for the smallest of the child seat in the vehicle!

The presence of a child seat is not a voluntary matter; rather, the requirements of the traffic regulations, or StVo, apply here. Violations of this are subject to fines. And that also largely applies to abroad. And even if the child seat is not compulsory in one country, at least one Protection system for emergencies should always be there. Two points are decisive for the existence of a child seat. The first point here is the year of life, so a child seat of children up to the age of 150 must be used. The child must also be at least XNUMX cm tall. If the child is smaller, they still need a child seat, more precisely a booster seat. What is required for a type of child seat differs depending on the age of the child. If it is still a baby, the child seat is a baby seat. The child can lie in this while driving. The baby car seat is fastened with the belt or is with one Isofix Lock anchored. There is also a separate belt system in the baby seat, with which the baby is then attached.

Secured by a belt system in the car

Child seat baby car seat Tuning 3 e1577685486911 Safety for the little ones the child seat in the vehicle!

If the child is older, this is a child seat that is equipped with side padding. But also with upholstery at the level of the pool. The child also has side protection in a child seat. And the older the child is, the lower the requirements and in the end. So the bigger the child gets, it's usually just a simple one Booster seat, This means that the side upholstery is no longer necessary. Here it is recommended to take a close look at the models of a child seat before buying. So you can also see what kind of child seat is right for the child. It is also important in a tuning vehicle that you can securely attach a child seat. This is only possible if this is a normal belt system as you know it from a car. And not special ones seat beltslike you know them from racing cars. The child seats are not designed for this with regard to fastening.

Tuning possible on the child seat

And you can even modify a child seat. However, you should only focus on here optical Limit changes. For example, it is possible to use the back of the child seat Carbon film available, you can fill the inlay with a new fabric and there are even small ones technical Modifications. For example, there are handles made of real carbon, sporty Beltpad and also the buckle can be made of carbon. And the same applies to various attachments on the seat. Here, however, it is essential to ensure that the accessories either come directly from the manufacturer or at least one corresponding approval Bring for the desired child seat. If this is not the case, you can none Make changes to the seating system for the child. Safety is the top priority and nothing should be endangered.

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