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Undo chip tuning? Is that possible?

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Chiptuning Toyota Yaris GR undo chip tuning? Is that possible?

Chiptuning has been on everyone's lips at least since the last generations of turbo and compressor engines. This is a possibility, but also cars Motorcycles, Trucks & Co., to tune without great effort and thereby the capacity of the engine part to increase significantly. It should be noted, however, that tuning will reduce the value of the vehicle can. Because the value of a car is flat-rate through auto tuning should not Many car owners would like to have the chip tuning again before selling the vehicle cancelin order to be able to set the purchase price higher.

Undo chip tuning

Chiptuning is becoming more and more popular. There are now numerous studies that deal with this topic. Previous studies have shown that approx every fifth car owner Has carried out tuning measures on the vehicle. A smaller proportion even have their own car on a regular basis intensive tuned. The intensive tuners are much less represented with less than 5%.

Maserati Quattroporte GTS Bodykit Stage 2 Chiptuning 5 Undo Chiptuning? Is that possible?

This group of people usually invest a lot of money and time in tuning, for example to find the desired performance increase bring about. When tuning, however, it must be taken into account that the money invested and the effort put in is often unfortunately should not end in an increase in vehicle value. And intensive tuning with new ones Hardware components is often not easily reversed, as is the case with chip tuning.

Reasons - vehicle value reduction through tuning!

Once you have started tuning, it quickly develops into a regular leisure activity. Most vehicle owners feel their way into the matter by starting with chip tuning. This is considered particularly harmless and simple in the scene, as it can be undone again without much effort. The installation of a tuning box is particularly popular because laypeople can do it on their own. With intensive tuning, on the other hand, cars are changed so much with the help of body kits, chassis, special rims, etc. that they can often only be recognized with a lot of imagination. In summary, it can be said that tuning can make the vehicle an individual one-off, but should not is absolutely good for the vehicle's value.

The tuning can (but does not have to) become a problem when selling. Cars that are tuned are often more difficult to sell, since usually only tuning fans prefer the vehicles. This significantly limits the number of possible buyers. Accepting the loss of value usually makes little sense, as a lot of money and time have been invested in the vehicle. An alternative is therefore, at least in the case of chip tuning, to reverse it.

How chip tuning can be reversed

RaceChip BMW M550i G30 LCI with Chiptuning 2 Undo chip tuning? Is that possible?

With chip tuning, vehicle performance can be increased by up to 30 percent without great effort and specialist knowledge. With turbo engines, this is how - with the help of chip tuning - Achieve some extra horsepower quickly. On some vehicles, such as the BMW 114i (F20), the performance can almost double. And tuning is also so popular because it allows the vehicle to be highly individualized. Many tuners like to tinker with their cars for leisure purposes. For chip tuning, however, an experienced tuner should be asked for advice beforehand. Chiptuning is often considered harmless, but it is not that easy to implement. It therefore needs professionals who are well versed in the technology of the engine and the software.

There are basically two different types of chip tuning:

  1. adapter
  2. Reprogramming

Piggyback Tuningbox Chiptuning Undo chip tuning? Is that possible?

Undoing the chip tuning depends largely on the type of tuning. If only the engine control unit has been reprogrammed, the tuning can be undone without much effort. Sometimes it even happens in the course of a Inspection at the dealer. The vehicle's software is regularly updated and a Chip tuning not professionally installed is then simply overwritten again in the course of the upgrade. Experienced tuners usually keep the original software for years and can reload it in a few minutes as soon as the vehicle is on sale, for example. An adapter plug, better known as a power box or tuning box, can also be easily removed. The box is located between the control unit and the engine and is usually by means of Plug and play cable am Common rail connection and at the connection from boost pressure (Diesel) or at the connection for the Manifold pressure and the Connection of boost pressure (Petrol) connected.

Determine the value of the vehicle

auction car sell vehicle pawnshop reverse chip tuning? Is that possible?

If the chip tuning has been reversed, the vehicle is then back in series, when no further changes such as the installation of an air box, a sports exhaust system, etc. were installed. However, there are tuning measures in the normal case must be entered, should the future buyer, even after if they have been reversed, they will be notified. Normally he recognizes this anyway due to the higher performance information in the vehicle registration document. Of course it is also possible by means of an expert opinion from a testing organization such as TÜV or Dekra, the entry in the vehicle registration document is officially at the registration office deliver allow. With regard to the correctness of the vehicle data, but also with regard to the motor insurance, this should definitely be done.

Inform the buyer anyway

Regardless of the eventual execution of the increase in performance, the future prospect should be aware of the previously installed increase in performance be informed. For the sake of fairness and also from a legal point of view, the buyer is entitled to know that in the past the engine had to generate more than the output intended ex works. After all, you don't want to buy a pig in a poke. What does a "standard“A vehicle that has run 150.000 km, but 149.000 of them with a performance upgrade and is now back in series?

Valuation report tuning oldtimer car report 2 Reverse chip tuning? Is that possible?

Often times, buyers have legitimate concernsthat the vehicle has been used excessively. In this case it can be useful to present a diary / logbook that shows the fuel consumption. The diary shows that the tuned vehicle normally used and was not driven with an average consumption of 25 liters.

Undo Cadillac CTS V consumption fuel monitor chip tuning? Is that possible?

Before the sale - appraisal

However, the vehicle should be valued before it is sold. There are several options for this:

  • Market price: A good overview of the current used car prices can be found on the Internet. Similar vehicles and prices can be found particularly with the help of various sales portals. These can then be used to determine the average price.
  • Valuation report: There is also the option of a tuned vehicle to be evaluated. The vehicle data is transmitted online for this purpose. With the help of the data entered, the seller then receives an relatively realistic selling price. If a differentiated valuation is required, an on-site assessment of the vehicle should be carried out by a professional.
  • Schwacke list: There is a company that has been determining the used car market and market prices for decades. With the help of the vehicle data, Schwacke determines an average price for the used car, which can be viewed online for a fee.
  • Car dealer: It can also be useful to present the vehicle to a used car dealer. It should be noted, however, that often only prices under the actual market value can be offered, since the used car dealer must also make a profit himself. Nevertheless, at least the Minimum value determine the car.

The valuation can also be carried out by an appraiser. This procedure is particularly advantageous because you receive evidence that will later be used to justify the purchase price when selling. A little money has to be invested for the professional valuation, but this can be worthwhile later on with the sales price. There is a guarantee that a prospect is ready to put the sum on the table should not.

Sales contract sell a car Document receipt Reverse chip tuning? Is that possible?

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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