Monday April 12, 2021


Chiptuning and what you should pay attention to

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Tuning, and especially chip tuning, has not only arrived with young people but also runs through all groups of buyers. Chiptuning is a great thing if the whole thing was done professionally. Here and there a PS and a few NM torque are always in there, only if something is messed about that can often mean the end of the engine. There are usually possibilities 2. On the one hand, the classic chip tuning in which the factory engine software is reprogrammed, or the chip tuning using an additional box that is connected in front of the engine control unit. The advantage of classic chip tuning is the fact that you can save yourself the installation of the additional box, this type of tuning can be more efficient than with an additional box because higher performance data can often be achieved. The reason for this is the problem that the additional box is playing incorrect data to the control unit, but this is only possible to a certain extent. With classic chip tuning, there is again the risk that the tuning data will be deleted the next time the engine software is updated (inspection). This problem does not exist with the tuning box.

PowerBox tuningblog 1 Chiptuning and what you should considerThe tuning box, in turn, can be set so that the extra power is only activated when the operating temperature is reached, for example. The costs for good chip tuning usually start at around € 1.000. When installing, pay attention to branded devices, because your car only has one engine! It is also important to take a look at the guarantees; a good tuner has no reason not to offer certain guarantees. TÜV, KÜS or Dekra should also be informed about the tuning and the tuner should provide registrable documents. The tuner should also suggest and offer the installation of other brakes etc. from a certain level of tuning. Anyone who increases performance and does not have this entered drives through the area in a car without an operating permit. The insurance cover etc. is of course gone in this case. Chiptuning can mean more power, less fuel consumption and more driving fun for your car if you stick to the rules mentioned above.

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