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Chiptuning - New performance with the right application

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Chiptuning - New performance with the right application

A significant part of the optimization of a car takes place these days on chip tuning. This small intervention gives car lovers the opportunity to use new reserves that have always been waiting for them under their hood. With this special form of optimization, which does not involve any visible change, a closer look at the correct application is all the more important. So what should you watch out for in order to be able to use this remedy in your own sense?

Experts of the models are in demand

Each car reacts differently to the changes that can be made in chip tuning. For this reason, it is important to entrust your own car only to a specialist who already has experience in this regard. This ensures that he knows the strengths and weaknesses of the car and also understands how they are ultimately influenced by the software adjustments.

Chiptuning - New performance with the right applicationIf, for example, the kW number is to be increased, boost pressure, injection times and fuel quantity offer the appropriate starting points. Here the expert must be able to estimate how much the load on the technology can be increased to a reasonable extent. This is exemplified by BMW chip tuning at Racechip, where the experts specifically focus on the Bavarian car manufacturer's models.

Beware of high loads

The peculiarity of chip tuning is that the newly gained forces do not come to the car through new parts and adjustments. Instead, they have already been integrated into the car by the manufacturer. Thanks to the electronics alone, they have so far not been able to be used. In this way, chip tuning uses reserves that only need to be tapped. They offer the opportunity to expand the load on materials and technology a bit and thus feel a significant increase in performance.

Chiptuning - New performance with the right application

It is therefore important to adapt the scope of the chip tuning to the basis that the vehicle offers. While the wear and tear of some vehicles hardly shows over a long period of time, other models are susceptible to the higher loads on materials and technology. Here too, the expertise of the experts is important so that the stresses are not too high.

What results are possible?

Modern vehicles in particular are characterized by the fact that they offer a good basis for chip tuning. Due to the great importance of electronics, it is an important starting point that can be influenced to your own advantage. Within this framework, the pure performance of the vehicle can be increased by more than 20 percent. The associated advantages are particularly evident not only in terms of driving dynamics. On the other hand, it is possible to detect this in the real acceleration that the car achieves in practice.

Ultimately, chip tuning is of course only one of many optimization options for classic car enthusiasts. In addition to strengthening performance, visual changes are of course required that clearly present the newly gained strength to the outside world. It is therefore a building block in the overall tuning concept. The good price-performance ratio, which results not least from the short working time required for tuning, definitely speaks in favor of discovering this opportunity and using the advantages of chip tuning.

Chiptuning - New performance with the right application

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Chiptuning - New performance with the right application

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Chiptuning - New performance with the right application

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Chiptuning - New performance with the right application

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Chiptuning - New performance with the right application

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Chiptuning - New performance with the right application

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Chiptuning - New performance with the right application

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  1. I am a woman and do not know anything about engines, but I wanted to try to understand what my brother actually wanted to do with his car. He told me that he wanted to buy a BMW chip tuning. I never thought that the vehicle's performance could be increased by more than 20 percent in this context. I am impressed.

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