Which household remedies you can use to clean aluminum rims!

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Dirty rims Cleaning home remedies Which home remedies can be used to clean aluminum rims!

Did you know that there are expensive alloy wheels, apart from the countless known ones Rim cleaners, also with inexpensive Have home remedies cleaned? We'll tell you which ones are best suited for you in the future no expensive funds having to use more from specialist retailers and spend money unnecessarily. Budget funds such as Oven spray, Cleaning stone or Toothpaste to Bring your alloy wheels back to a high gloss. We provide you with some useful tips and information on how to use these home remedies to clean the rims can use. Alloy rims are an eye-catcher, but over time, stubborn dirt can build up on the rims. Especially after winter are "yellowed alloy wheels“A common problem. Cleaning these with cleaning agents from specialist retailers can be permanent quite expensive and at the same time there is no guarantee that it will work. Therefore, we will tell you how you can use your aluminum rims with cheap ones Budget can maintain.

Clean aluminum rims with oven spray:

A problem with aluminum rims is above all the abrasion of the Brake padsthat settles on the rims. But sometimes this can also simply be used with Water, usual Autoshampooes or by other means.

Thats how it works: Before starting the actual cleaning, you should either clean the rims with water or drive them through the car Car wash drive to remove most of the dirt. Then the rims well dry leave and rub with a cloth. The rims must be completely dry so that the baking spray can take effect. Then spray the rims from the outside and the inside with the oven spray and round Work for 15 minutes to let. Finally, simply spray the rims with water and wipe them with a damp sponge to completely remove stubborn dirt and residues of the spray. (Disadvantages this method, below)

Clean aluminum rims with a cleaning stone: Should the rims be cleaned with the oven spray not yet To meet your needs, you can turn to stronger home remedies, such as Cleaning stone to grab. You can buy cleaning stone in the supermarket for a few euros.

Cleaning stone cleaning rims 1 Which household remedies you can use to clean aluminum rims!

Thats how it works: The solid cleaning agent is applied with a dampened sponge, so simply moisten a cleaning sponge with water and rub it over the cleaning stone. If you then squeeze the sponge a little, foam should come out. You can then clean the rims with the sponge. Despite the intensity of the detergent, your rims will not damaged. After cleaning, simply spray off the rims with clear water and you are sure to be amazed. (Disadvantages this method, below)

Toothpaste cleaning rims 1 e1618986839743 What household remedies you can use to clean aluminum rims!

Clean aluminum rims with commercially available toothpaste: One of the best home remedies for cleaning aluminum rims is toothpaste. Amazing, isn't it?

Thats how it works: Put a strip of toothpaste about 5 cm long on a damp cloth and rub the toothpaste vigorously into the aluminum rims. You can immediately see how the dirt is starting to loosen and mix with the paste. In the meantime, you should clean the cloth in clear water and squeeze it out well so that it is not too wet. After cleaning, the rims are simply hosed down with cold water and the rims should shine again.

Disadvantages the home remedies

  • Oven spray can attack paint and metal, depending on the provider. Often there are aggressive ingredients in it. To smears Oven spray and can only be removed from the rim without leaving any residue with great effort. Even the rubber of the tires can become porous.
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush really work, but it's extremely time-consuming and annoying.
  • Cleaning stone really works, but is just as time-consuming and annoying.

More deadly sins for the rim!

  • Acidic / alkaline wheel cleaners Although they destroy all dirt, they also attack the paintwork and corrosion occurs. And even on the brake caliper. In addition, skin irritations are often present.
  • Steel brush, steel wool, pot cleaner remove all dirt, but the paint and the underlying materials are also removed. The result is scratches and flaking. Do not use under any circumstances!
  • Household cleaners should only be used in the household. Scouring milk and other acidic aggressors cause scratches, abrasion of the paint layer and corrosion.
  • Lighter fluid is often useful in the household and in the hobby area, it also removes the dirt on the rim, but the risk of flammable residues sticking to the wheels and brakes is extremely high. In addition, the gasoline attacks the paintwork, the tires, the valve and the brake system.
  • Pressure Washer makes sense, but you shouldn't go too close to the rim. Because too much pressure quickly removes the paint layer. 30 centimeters distance should be off the bike. For that, please should not aim directly at the tires.

What is allowed at home?

  • everything that does not bring harmful substances into the groundwater (interior cleaning or polishing of the car)
  • in some localities you can rinse the car at home with clear water
  • If the washing area meets certain requirements and chemicals or dirt cannot get into the groundwater, then you can wash your car at home. (Sealed subsurface, possibly separate connection or drain with oil separator)

Is it allowed to wash your car on the street?

  • you can't just wash your car in the street or in public places
  • Municipalities have special regulations for preventing “misappropriation” of the public infrastructure
  • There is a risk of fines ranging from 25 euros to 100.000 euros

Car wash cleaning tips care which household remedies you can use to clean aluminum rims!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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  1. Naila Schneider

    I really liked aluminum rims, which I have had for about a year now. Since then I haven't really cleaned them, so I need tips on how to make them look nice again. I already knew about the toothpaste from my father, but the oven spray variant is mine. I will try this out for sure. Thank's for the Tipps!

  2. Natalie Brander

    I have new tires for my car with matching alloy rims. I want to clean the rims after my last trip and am looking for the best option. I wasn't even aware that there was cleaning stone that was applied with a sponge. I particularly like that it has a high cleaning power without damaging the rims. I'll get it and just try it out.

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